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Put a Smile on Someone’s Face Send a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

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When was the last time you gifted someone with a bouquet of flowers? If it was recently, you are probably well aware how much this gesture was appreciated. Most people feel special when they receive a bouquet of flowers. Furthermore, just the sight and scent of fresh blooms can invoke a smile and uplift a person’s mood.

While holidays are a popular time to have flowers delivered, they also make excellent hostess gifts throughout the year. In addition to flower bouquets, decorative centerpieces and other arrangements are also a nice way to show love and appreciation.

Flowering houseplants can also make a nice gift during the Chanukah and Christmas holidays. A recent survey showed that 25% of people shopping for a holiday gift chose these rather than the more traditional poinsettias.

If you’d like to congratulate a client or colleague, for example, a well-designed flower arrangement can be a welcome reminder that you are there to support them. Furthermore, a seasonal bouquet can brighten up your office’s entryway and work area.

Men like to receive bouquets of flowers, too, particularly on Valentine’s Day. The American Society of Florists conducted a survey that showed 36% of the participating women purchased flowers for their husbands on this romantic occasion. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that both boyfriends and husbands would enjoy receiving fresh flowers, plants, or arrangements throughout the year.

If you’d like to put a smile on someone’s face-including yours-why not have a bouquet of flowers delivered? A recent survey showed that 88% of the participants felt happy when they gifted someone with flowers. To spread these happy feelings, it’s likely these individuals often gift others with flowers.

The same survey showed that 80% of the participants felt happy when they received flowers. This may encourage them to express their happiness by gifting someone else with fresh blooms.

When you’re not sure what to give someone as a “thank you” or other type of gift, flowers are an excellent choice. Since there are so many varieties available throughout the year, your local floral delivery service will be able to recommend just the right bouquet or arrangement for the occasion.

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