The Safest Way to Tan

There are a myriad of reasons to utilize the tanning bed, spray tanning, and fit body wraps that relate to personal preference and even health. I remember utilizing tanning salons before a trip to Mexico so I could have a base tan. As a person that is quite pale, I was going to burn if I went without preparation. This process can be beneficial for those that are traveling or simply want to have a base tan all year.

The key element of tanning is the gradual darkening of your skin. If you are tanning all the time, you are definitely going to hurt your skin and increase your risks for skin cancer. The frequency of which you are tanning is the most critical element in the tanning membership. In 2018, during a span of 6 months, 2.31 million Americans went to a tanning salon four or more times.

The other option for those that are interested in tanning for their personal preference, meaning their beauty standards for themselves, is spray tanning. This is certainly a form of safe tanning. Sunless tanning, airbrushing, or spray tanning is the artificial coloring of your skin to make it appear darker. This allows you to have the glow that everyone is looking for without damaging your skin. The process looks like a large chamber, or you can also have someone do it professionally and individually for you, and there are chemicals that are sprayed on you. This isn’t really useful for the above desire, to have a base tan for a trip, but it is useful for the aesthetic reasoning. It seems like it would be a time-consuming activity, however, spray tanning is usually as frequent as regular tanning. Spray tans can last for a while, at up to five to seven days, and darker spray tans even can last for 10 days at a time.

You can utilize a fit body wrap to directly take in infrared rays to get the tan that you desire. This another form of tanning that can be controlled. Again, the key element here is not using the fit body wrap too much.

Even though the criticisms of tanning have risen in the past years, the general public is still interested in looking sun-kissed. In the spring of 2016, a survey showed that 13.71 million people had used a day spa in the past 12 months. This demonstrates that there are ways to still use tanning memberships and keep your skin healthy and safe.

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