Differences Between Microblading and Shading

While certain trends come and go, the beauty industry shows no signs of slowing down. Humans around the world have been beautifying themselves for thousands of years. In fact, a recent poll by YouGov Omnibus found that 29% of women felt self care was one of their top New Year’s Resolutions. Considering that, one of the most popular current beauty treatments involves the eyebrows. If you’re wanting to beautify client’s eyebrows, it’s important to understand the differences between these two popular types of treatments. In this post, you’ll learn the difference between microshading and microblading.

The Importance of Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an essential component of facial recognition. In fact, a recent MIT study found that only 46% of celebrities were identifiable in pictures with their eyebrows removed. With that in mind, many women are wanting sets of eyebrows that are memorable for the right reasons. Considering that, many of these women are receiving either microblading or microshading treatments. Both of these treatments are beneficial for women. However, it will help you to understand how these two treatments differ from each other.

Application Methods

Microblading uses a tool that contains multiple, small needles. That being said, these needles only need to reach the top layers of the skin. As you apply these needles to the skin, it creates incredibly small strokes which replicate the appearance of eyebrow hair. Considering that this treatment uses needles, it’s wise to have a numbing solution on hand.

On the other hand, the microshading method involves the use of an electric tool. This method is slightly different from traditional eyebrow shading. Using a microshading tool, you’re able to apply small amounts of pigments to the client’s eyebrows. This method is often better for clients with sensitive skin.

How Long Each Treatment Lasts

It’s understandable to wonder how long these treatment sessions will last before a client needs to come back to you. Fortunately, your clients should be satisfied with either of these treatment methods. Both microblading and shading treatments last a long time. Most clients should be able to wait nine months to a year in between treatment sessions.

To summarize, it’s important to learn about the differences between microshading and microblading. The microshading method creates small dots while microblading tools create strokes around the eyebrow area. If you’re wanting to offer these solutions to your clients, it’s wise to order microblading and microshading kits.

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