Back to School Season Has Arrived

When most of us think of going back to school, we are focused on the negotiating that goes on in the school supply aisles and the out of pocket money that teachers spend preparing their classrooms. Behind the scenes of parents trying to balance the high dollar items that their kids want for their own personal use and the classroom necessities and niceties that teachers invest in, however, is an entire other level of preparedness that is put into place by the maintenance staffs of school districts.

Consider, for instance, the list of the just the highlights of the jobs that needed to be completed over the summer for one midwestern school district:

  • 140 new lunch tables delivered to the appropriate schools.
  • Preventative maintenance on more than 900 current lunch tables.
  • 1,300 warranty replacement levels for classroom locksets.
  • New basketball backboard repairs and replacements at six different schools.
  • New ceiling in one elementary school kitchen.
  • 221 projection screens installed.
  • 104 new white marker boards installed.
  • Preventative maintenance on nine school roofs.
  • 48 roof leaks fixed.
  • Two partial roof replacements.
  • 70 repair jobs on laminate, wallpaper, drywall, and carpet.
  • 73 new carpentry jobs on cabinets, shelving, and bulletin boards.
  • 41 additional repairs and new projects completed.

This list, of course, is in addition to the regular cleaning and maintenance that goes on every summer during the brief 10 weeks when neither the the students nor the teachers are in the buildings.

What Are You Doing for Yourself Now That School Has Started?

From decisions to register for microblading eyebrows training to the decision to learn more about eyebrow enhancing products, there are many ways that you can start taking care of yourself now that the kids are back in class. And while some parents might want to invest in microblading eyebrows training as an avenue for some part time work, there are just as many parents who want to make sure that they take a few hours, or maybe a few days, to invest in themselves now that the house will be a little more quiet during the day.

Whether it is a microblading and shading training program as a future career option or taking the time to develop a training schedule that will help you get back in the best physical shape, the beginning of a new school year is a perfect time to reevaluate how you spend your time and where you want to spend your energies.

In a time when so many people are looking for a way to be their best selves, it should come as no surprise that microblading eyebrows training sessions and other vocational options in the health and beauty industry continue to increase in popularity. With new products and services on the market, in fact, there are plenty of ways to not only the week after school starts is a time when you look your best, but also a time when you can help others achieve their goals as well. Consider some of these facts and figures about just one segment of the beauty industry:

  • The average eyebrow contains about 250 hairs, and current fashion dictates whether those hairs are highlighted or diminished.
  • 29% of women said they wanted to focus on self care, according to a poll by YouGov Omnibus about 2018 New Year’s Resolutions..
  • There were 554,048 posts using the hashtag naturalhair on Instagram in the first two months of 2017 alone, according to a social media analysis tool.
  • 51% of responding U.S. consumers reported using hair care products every day, according to a May 2017 survey.
  • Eyebrows are critical for facial recognition. In fact, when MIT researchers showed participants photos of iconic celebrities with their eyebrows removed participants could only identify 46% of their faces. No wonder the health and beauty industry focuses on this important facial feature.
  • Current research indicates that there are approximately 400 companies that foster entrepreneurs around the world, many of them in the health and beauty sales industry.

Back to school is a special time of the year for teachers and students. It is also a time when building maintenance staff workers see the benefits of all their work over the summer. Knowing that parents have some much needed time to themselves once the school year starts, there are also many microblading eyebrows training programs that see an increase.

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