Facts On Keeping Skin Healthy

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One of the strongest industries in the world is an industry that may surprise most people. This is mostly due to the fact that a majority of the people who use this industry in their day to day lives are women and most men know nothing about this industry. The industry that is being mentioned in none other than the industry of beauty products and personal care.

Now, let’s not get carried away here and act like only women care about how they look because that is the furthest thing from the truth. It is actually now more common than ever for men to be seriously invested in how they look and furthermore more men than ever before really care about staying in good health. This does not just pertain to working out and eating healthy but also applies to using lotion and chapstick.

Right now, the industry that includes beauty and personal care is believed to be valued at about $400 billion. There are very few industries that are able to even come close that type of yearly value. There is no doubt that a lot of money comes from bridal makeup because that is a day where beauty products are taken incredibly seriously. Here are all the facts on bridal makeup and skin care services.

Every year, the average woman will spend just about $144 on beauty products. This includes mink lashes, spa services, eyelash extensions, chemical peel, and even false eyelashes. This is especially true when it comes to bridal makeup and you are a fool if you disagree. Bridal makeup is the number one focus for many brides on their wedding day and they are willing to go all out on their bridal makeup.

It is important to note that not everything comes from bridal makeup and that a lot of this money is spent on just taking care of people’s bodies. For instance, most people can spot their sunspots in their early 20’s even though a large number of people will notice them in their 30’s and 40’s. Some people will spend more money on dealing with their sunspots as opposed to bridal makeup because they want to look healthy.

It has been proven that more than 90% of the visible changes that are believed to be caused by skin aging come directly from too much exposure to the sun, according to information from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Understand that by the year 2021, there are a lot of projections that show the global skin-care market is going to have a value of nearly $154 billion.

It may seem silly for someone to spend so much money on bridal makeup and beauty products but for the people that do spend this money, it is incredibly important to them. A study revealed that 82% of all women stated that wearing makeup makes them feel much more self-confident about their ways and it also revealed that 86% of all women stated that they believe makeup improves their self-image.

Beauty products do not pertain to just bridal makeup, they can also be attributed to the industry of spas and skin care services. Understand that there was a study conducted that pertained to finding out how people increased their wellness.
This study revealed that more than 179 million Americans visited spas in the year of 2016 because they believed it helped their overall well being.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people across the globe that spend a solid amount of money trying to build how they look and to improve upon their physical beauty. These types of processes can be completed by applying beauty products, non-invasive surgeries, and even visiting the local spa for a few hours. All of these different things can help contribute to the overall health of everyone.

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