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How to Reach New Spa Customer Generations

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In today?s relaxation focused world, there are many salons and spas to choose from. Spa owners might have difficulty in attracting new customers and in competing with local spas. However, you will find that it comes down to one thing, relaxation. Most customers are willing to pay for a service that they cannot get elsewhere. Dedicated care and attention should go into creating the most relaxing and comforting spa experience possible.

Purchase only the best of spa equipment

The type and quality of spa equipment are very important. These are the pieces of equipment that your customers will be using. If they have many mechanical problems or you constantly have to repair them, it does not support an overall feeling of relaxation. Higher quality spa equipment items are comfortable, require minimal maintenance, and will leave your customers returning again and again. The types of spa equipment you choose are also important. Pay attention to the types of services you book the most and the ones that people do not rebook. It could be a problem with your spa equipment. The spa crafted linen that you plan on top of the spa equipment is also very important.

Create a relaxing vibe throughout the entire spa

In addition to high quality spa equipment, you also want to create an overall relaxing feel in the environment. Carefully consider the type of music you are playing and the sound at which it is played. Don?t trust in pre planned radio stations, as you never know when or if they will play a song that does not fit in with your current feel. It is best to create your own playlist of relaxing songs and sounds. Your customers will appreciate the soothing sounds while they receive their spa treatments.

Hire only the best spa professionals

The staff at a spa can make or break the business. Most customers return to a spa professional they enjoy and they are even willing to pay more for their services. However, if your staff are unfriendly and unprofessional, you will find that many people choose not to return and that they complain more about the costs. When you are choosing spa professionals to staff your spa, consider schedule availability, friendliness, and skill. These are the characteristics that will sell your spa services.

Find a way to connect with millennials

One of the biggest causes of failures is not preparing for the upcoming consumer generation. Millennials are quickly taking over the buying generation and many of them are not currently getting spa services. Spa Business magazine reports that approximately 83% of millennials, the generation that loves technology the most, go to a spa less than five times per year. Finding a way to reach this new type of customer will be important to business success.

Provide organic and low maintenance products

Spa goers are willing to give up a day to relax at the spa. However, most are not willing to give up additional time. This means that it is important to provide spa customers with low maintenance and organic materials. Your nail products should last for an extended period of time. Your waxing services should last as long as expected. When customers do not feel that they got their worth, they are more likely to go to another spa location next time. According to a 2016 marker report, there were approximately 16,710 day spas in the U.S. That means that there are a lot of other options.

With so many spas in the United States, it can be difficult to compete. While the global spa and wellness industry has been growing by 12% annually since 2007, many smaller spas are being pushed out of the industry. These spas can still succeed in a growing industry by better meeting their customer?s needs. Smaller spas need to put greater importance on higher quality materials and on reaching new customer generations.

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