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Taking A Look At The Many Reasons To Donate Your Clothing Here In The United States

If you live in the United States, it’s likely that you have more clothing than you know what to do with. In fact, the average person will consume nearly 70 garments and various articles of clothing in a single year. Nowadays, the average woman living here in the United States will have typically at least 30 full outfits to choose from, which means that she will have a brand new outfit to wear for just about every single day of the month. In stark comparison, a woman living in the United States back in the year of 1930, now almost a full century in the past, would have only nine outfits – and even this was considered to be a luxury by many.

Purging your closet of items you don’t need can help to declutter your home tremendously – or at least your closet space – which is certainly something that the typical American home is very much in need of. If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in at least six months – for those who live in one to two climate parts of this country – you should likely give it away. In addition to this, giving away clothing that simply no longer fits you properly is also a good idea, as keeping such clothing around really only serves to take up too much space at the end of the day.

However, you should avoid throwing away this discarded clothing as much as is possible. Unfortunately, a full ten pounds of clothing are frequently thrown away by the average person over the course of just one single year here in the United States. This amounts to about ten and a half million tons of clothing ending up in landfills on a yearly basis – and that’s just here in this one lone country, let alone elsewhere in the world where waste is also very much a crisis. Simply recycling your used clothing in the form of used clothing donations could make a big difference. Currently, only about 15% of all old clothing is given in the form of used clothes donations, but this can easily be changed.

After all, even donating so little (in the big picture of things, of course) has already proven to make a considerable difference. The data on the subject backs up this claim, showing that about two million tons of used clothing are donated each and every year here in the United States alone. Just about half of all of this clothing will be worn again, with the average person here in the united States now buying up to ten pounds of used clothing on a yearly basis. However, the rest of the used clothing will still be repurposed in some way, transformed into everything from factory rags for use in the manufacturing industry to stuffing for various types of furniture.

And giving back in the form of clothing donations is now easier than ever before, thanks to the typical donation pick up site. The donation pick up site has become more prevalent than ever before here in the United States, with most neighborhoods now having at least one donation pick up site. Many a neighborhood will have even more than one such donation pick up site, where charitable donations can be dropped off with ease. Using a donation pick up site is quite simple indeed, after all, and just about anyone should be able to access at least one donation pick up site here in the United States.

At the end of the day, donations to a donation pick up site will be hugely beneficial in so many different ways. Not only will you be reducing the overall waste that you produce, but you will also be helping out your community, even if it is just in a relatively small way. On top of all of this, you will be streamlining your own home and working to reduce the clutter that can all too easily build up over the years – and that all of us will likely deal with eventually.

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