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Have You Ever Sewn Your Own Clothing?

The dress is adorable.

After a semester in a clothing and textiles class your daughter who is a senior in high school was more than proud of herself. The sun dress, which she is determined to wear on this summer’s family vacation to the beach, features bright yellow lemons on a white cotton background. And while she was initially not thrilled that you made her take a class every hour of the day, she ended up loving her time in a class that was far different from the Advanced Placement science and math classes that filled the rest of her day. She loved learning how to hand sew on a hook and eye, run a serger, and cut out pattern pieces.

You had made handmade quilts with your daughters in the past, and while they did not always require the exactness required by a dress pattern, your girls knew how to run the basics of a sewing machine. They had spent enough time admiring the hand stitching on antique handmade quilts that their grandmother had that they could identify several kinds.

Handmade Womens Pants and Other Clothing Items Require Careful Attention to Detail

There are many people who feel like sewing and shop classes are a lost art when it comes to the high school curriculum, but the reality is many schools still offer these classes that teach valuable life skills. Simply knowing how to mend outdoor clothing for boys or how to put a hem in womens pants can be valuable. Both mens and womens casual clothing items are expensive and come in a variety of quality levels. Taking the time to make your own clothing, even if it is a one time dress that you made in a clothing and textiles class, can help you look at how the items you purchase are made.

The number of potential online fashion customers is projected to grow to more than 1.2 billion by the year 2020. This should come as no surprise as U.S. retail e-commerce revenue from the sale of fashion apparels, footwear and accessories amounted to an estimated $103 billion is 2018 and is projected to grow to almost $139 billion by 2022.

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