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How To Make Kids Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

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No matter your age, temporary tattoos provide an extra boost of fun to any occasion, but it can be sad to see them go. According to the FDA, temporary tattoos are defined as decals used to decorate the body and typically last between one and seven days. If this isn’t enough time for you to enjoy your decoration, there are tricks to make yours last longer. Adults and kids temporary tattoos can stick it out for longer with these simple hacks.

  1. Apply On Clean Skin: The first step for long-lasting temporary tattoos is to apply them on clean skin. First clean the skin with soap and water. Then take the clean to the next level by applying a bit of rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. Dry your skin thoroughly.
  2. Choose The Right Placement: For all types of temporary tattoos, you should choose a place on the body that does not bend or rub often. This makes the outside of the arm and ankle great options, for example. It is also best to choose an are where you do not sweat much.
  3. Cover The Tattoo: Once you have applied to tattoo and the area has dried off, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your skin. This will act as a barrier to any rubbing. You can also add baby powder to the surface, as it will have a similar effect.
  4. Avoid Contact With Clothing: While you want the tattoo to last, avoid wearing tight clothing over that area. This is why summer is often a popular time to wear temporary tattoos, since you are likely wearing t-shirts and shorts anyway.
  5. Clean With Care: Even though there are many types of temporary tattoos for kids, virtually all of them should be gently cleaned if you want to maximize longevity. It’s best to avoid using soaps and abrasive materials like wash cloths on your temporary tattoo. This will only rub it off. If you are a parent helping your child use kids temporary tattoos, teach them how to gently wash their skin with water for the time being.

If you’re looking for more specific care instructions to keep your temporary tattoo looking bright and complete for as long as possible, then remember that these decals are supposed to be temporary, after all. And when it eventually does wear off, you can simply apply another one.

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