Hormone Therapy Can Reduce the Effects of Aging in Men

Non-surgical facelift

There comes a day in every woman’s life when she looks in the mirror and thinks, “Oh, I am getting older.” Since you can remember, your mother has been using special creams and lotions to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, but it felt like you’d never get to that point; you were young and still had so much time! When you see yourself every day, it’s not likely that you’ll notice the subtle changes. But then one day you spot a gray hair or the bags under your eyes, and wonder, “How long has that been there?” Maybe you are unhappy with the way your body or face is aging. Seeing that you look tired and worn down is making you feel tired. Many people have found that when you look good, you start to feel good; a boost in confidence can give you an increased sense of youthfulness.

For women, it is the skin that appears to age first. Botox has become a household name in the practice of cosmetic treatment. The average Botox patient is between 40 and 59 years old, though each individual body ages at a different pace, so women under 40 may also be excellent candidates for the procedure. A whole 82% of patients notice positive results within a week of Botox injections. Many women are also benefiting from laser skin resurfacing, which revitalizes the skin’s appearance by virtually erasing sun damage and acne scars.

In today’s modern world, women aren’t the only ones trying to reduce the effects of aging. In 2014, the United States spa industry reported revenues totaling to $15.5 billion, and you can be sure that women were not the sole type of consumer using these services. Men, too, are becoming more conscious of the changes their bodies experience as they grow older and their hormone levels fluctuate. Though rarely mentioned in the media, men also go through a sort of “menopause” that has physical effects on the body. Botox treatments are more common among female patients, but men do take advantage of this service. More common for male patients, however, is the practice of restoring youthfulness through testosterone replacement therapy. Commonly known as “Low T,” male menopause causes a hormonal deficiency that can be treated by injecting a synthetic bio-identical hormone. The increase in testosterone allows a man to regain muscle mass in a natural way, restoring a look of youthfulness. Testosterone replacement isn’t used solely for cosmetic purposes, but can benefit a man’s mood and libido, as well.

Whether it be through a simple cosmetic procedure like Botox, or a more all-encompassing sort of treatment like testosterone replacement therapy, men and women are both taking advantage of the safe and innovative techniques being discovered in the medical world every day.

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