5 Steps to Eternally Flawless Skin

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No matter how old one is, it seems like everyone is searching for the fountain of youth. And indeed, having younger, brighter, tighter skin should be a priority. Our bodies are our canvases, our only work of art that stays with us forever. That being said, it should also be our nearest and dearest treasure.
So how do we access the fountain of youth? Luckily, there are several simple and mostly homeopathic ways to keep your skin supple and young for as long as possible. The Duchess of Bath resorted to bathing in the blood of young virgins — but don’t worry. These anti aging treatments and methods are much easier than that (and way more legal!).

Drink Water
As simple as this sounds, water is one of the best thing for your skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated and ensures that it maintains its elasticity, preventing wrinkles and fine lines as you age in the future.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking is bad for just about every facet of your health. The toxins in cigarette smoke create creases and fine lines on your face and promote premature aging. Plus, smoking can cause cancer. No one wants that!

Wear Sunscreen
Tanning is extremely bad for your skin. Harmful UV rays can cause premature aging, sun damage, and can significantly increase your chances of having skin cancer. Again, no one wants cancer.

Ample amounts of sleep helps skin to maintain a healthy glow. While you rest, your body works hard to repair itself. Without getting the recommended amount of sleep each evening, your body doesn’t have a chance to restore your skin’s cells! A lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain, which can cause skin to stretch and become loose or can create stretch marks.

Invest in Good Skin Care Products
Anti aging skin care products can go a long way. Similar to water, anti wrinkle creams can provide skin with the necessary moisture to stay supple and wrinkle-free. Develop a sound skin care routine that includes an anti aging exfoliant once a week and moisturization every morning and evening.

With these simple steps, your skin will be beautiful and healthy without having to have surgery.

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