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Emotional Health How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Feel Better About Yourself

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Life is full of ups and downs; this roller coaster called life can be stressful at times. Many Americans readily invest in services for their mental and physical health, yet experts suggest that one’s emotional health is intrinsically linked to their mental and physical health state. The fact of the matter is, not enough people are putting themselves first and this could have adverse effects on one’s life including an increase in stress. Everyone should treat themselves once in a while, here are some excuses so that you can make an appointment with yourself this weekend!

Hair Care Services

Researchers in partnership with hair salons have found that the average woman
between the ages of 13 and 65 will have her hair layered, shortened, or colored twice per year; this is around 104 times in one’s life! Over half of surveyed women admitted that they were planning on changing their current hair style in the near future anyways, why wait to schedule an appointment with a hair salon? Hair grows back, so there is no excuse not to be a little adventurous and playful when it comes to mixing up your look. Evidence suggests that a majority of women experiment with three different hair colors over the year while 25% of women have changed their shade up to five times. According to hair salons, dark brown is the top choice for women with around 56% of women choosing to go brunette. Why not be a little spontaneous? Head to a hair salon and pick a style from a magazine while you’re waiting — you may be surprised as to what a new hairdo can do for you.

Waxing Services

Over the years, smooth skin has become synonymous with beautiful skin causing women everywhere to endure the tedious and no-fun practice of shaving. Unfortunately, shaving only seems to encourage the unwanted hair to grow quicker and thicker as though it is out for a vengeance. Although there are other products intended on removing hair, many are only effective on certain hair colors, textures, and types of skin; waxing on the other hand removes any shade and consistency from all types of skin. Some women find waxing to be a painful experience, thankfully the ancient Egyptians developed an alternative hair removal method. Body sugaring involves pouring a sugar, water, and lemon juice solution over the skin and removing it with cloth strips — this effectively removes the hair from the roots. Body sugaring is effective on hair that is as short as one-sixth of an inch long and offers a non-painful long-term solution to unwanted hair growth.

Day Spa Services

Those with a lot of stress can sometimes feel as though they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Why not put those shoulders to rest with a professional massage at a day spa. Around 17% of those surveyed in July of 2013 stated that they had their last massage at a spa and cannot wait to go back for more! Massage and spa treatments are shown to reduce tension and stress; up to 32% of massage consumers stated that they had a massage to relax or to reduce stress. Of course, many day spas offer packages that include massages, nail treatment, facials, and other relaxing ways to pamper guests. Psychologists note that those who regularly receive spa-quality treatment have a higher self-esteem and self-worth and a lower level of stress and anxiety. Its time to put yourself first, treat yourself this weekend and live it up a little!

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