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France is considered one of the gem countries of Europe. Britain has culture, Germany has history, Italy has cuisine but only France combines all three of the greatest aspects of European culture into one stylized pot. 16 million international and overnight tourists visited France in 2015 alone, making it one of the most popular destination spots in the world. Paris has something for everyone, from wine tourism (one of the most popularly visited industries, 24 million people visited and counting)to luxury apartment rentals and winter vacation activities such as nearby mountains for skiing. In fact, France itself is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world,consistently serving over 55 million skiers every year. Clearly there’s a lot to do and a lot of reason to visit. Healthwise, there are plenty of viable reasons to choose Paris or France in general as a vacation destination.
For physical well-being, there are few cities better than Paris to get out and stay in shape. Many of the tourist attractions in Paris are walkable and have physical access. The catacombs of Paris go down 20 meters, the size of a large building. The cheap luxury apartment rentals also tend to have exercise rooms for their clientele. Being one of the safer cities in Europe, it’s also an excellent place to go running whether during the night or the day. Paris is constantly on the go, so it stays an active place for both parents and kids. Tourists may walk up to ten miles a day while sightseeing, keeping outdoors and on their legs instead of inside and away from the action. Biking, as with many European cities, remains big in Europe. Exploring the city on a bike is a uniquely aerobic way to take in the culture and remain mobile. Biking is one of the more versatile options of transportation and, unlike cities in the U.S., the infrastructure is designed for it. Staying physically healthy and safe is easy in Paris and that’s good for the entire family.
On the inner side, there are also a lot of wonderful reasons to visit Paris. Intellectually and emotionally, Paris is one of the most engaging destinations on the far side of the Atlantic. There are 8000 museums and 45,000 (that’s forty-five thousand ) historic monuments in France, many of them located right in Paris. That’s a lot of culture and history take in, no matter where country a tourist hails from. Beyond the obvious destinations, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Paris has a whole host of other, more subtle treasures. The Louvre is home to some of the world’s finest works of art, both classical masterpieces and pieces for the more discerning. It’s a wonderful place to take children to teach them about the importance of the humanities. For the more adventuresome tourist, the catacombs are a literal labyrinth of history right under Paris. See the living history of the city by day, rest up in one of the luxury apartment rentals then repeat.
Even financially, the city is worth the trip. A foreign tourist only spends 62 Euro a day in France. This is down from other countries in Europe, where the cost of transportation and food can be much higher. There are plenty of temporary or semi-permanent living options as well, from upscale luxury apartment rentals to hostels for visiting college students. A study by Project: Time Off has shown that U.S. employees had 16 vacation days in 2013, fewer than their European counterparts. With so little time off, it’s not surprising many of them chose France, where there is so much to do and so much access for people of all socio-economic backgrounds. The City of Lights, it seems, lights up for everyone who is willing to grow or learn and excludes no one, regardless of salary.

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