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Three Reasons Customized Hoodies Are Better For Businesses Than Custom T-Shirts

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Sure, it’s a great idea to create custom t-shirts for your business to sell or give away since they build customer loyalty and brand awareness, but have you ever considered the potential of customized hoodies? A lot of businesses overlook custom sweatshirt printing because it’s a bit more pricey, but customized hoodies have several advantages over custom t-shirts. Here are just a few!

More Brand Exposure.

People wear sweatshirts and hoodies outside in public during the fall and spring months, which is about half of the year, and their coats during the three months of winter. This means that nobody sees the t-shirt underneath for 75% of the year. If the goal of your custom shirts is to help spread the word about your business, then why would you print an item that will just get covered up? With custom sweatshirts, you can be sure that the public will see your company’s branding.

Innovative Designs.

There are only so many ways that you can get creative with a t-shirt’s design. You could mix up the placement of the graphics, or use the back of the shirt as a bigger canvas, or even do something with the limited amount of space on the sleeves. Customized hoodies, though, have much more room to work with. You can even put something cool on the hood. There’s simply more room to work with on a hoody.

Longer Lasting.

Compare the ages of your oldest t-shirt and your oldest sweater, sweatshirt, or hoody. Chances are that several of your sweatshirts are older than your t-shirts. Customized hoodies are simply made out of better quality materials that last longer. This means that you’ll not only get more brand exposure throughout the year, but hoodies can also continue to increase brand awareness for months or years longer than a t-shirt would.

Simply put, customized hoodies are higher quality and can expose your brand to wider audiences. Why not contact a custom screen printing company and order some? If you have any questions about customized hoodies, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more blogs like this.

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