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How to Recreate the Comfortable Hotel Sleep In Your Own Home

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Hotels tend to be a treat for the room service, food, and quality bedding they offer. Many people look forward to an upcoming trip that involves a hotel stay. A night of sleep in a hotel bed is often much more comfortable and relaxing that a night at home. Although some people may attempt to mimic the comfort of their hotel bed, it can be difficult to recreate the exact setup. The following tips can help you copy the same hotel bedding setup and relive the comfortable and relaxing night of sleep.

Upgrade your mattress, if possible. Most hotel mattresses are of high quality and contain some type of a pillow top mattress. Although this is one of the easiest ways to recreate the hotel bedding experience, it is also the most expensive and it may not be an option for everyone. However, using mattress pads of different levels can mimic the feel of a new mattress, without the high costs.

Interestingly enough, women are more likely than men to purchase a new mattress for a better night of sleep. Women try to get better sleep by focusing on the comfort of their sleep area. 50% of women use a comfortable mattress and bedding to aid sleep, compared to less than 40% of men. Men attempt to find other ways to increase their quality of sleep.

Invest in high thread linen sheets sets. Bed sheets can make the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable bed. Most hotel bedding sets have high quality, high tread count bed sheets. The higher the thread count of linen sheets, the more comfortable they generally are.

The type of material that is used in the flat sheets set also matters. Flax, which is used to produce linen, is one of the oldest natural textile fibers. Historical sources from almost 9000 years ago record flax being grown in the countries situated on the Mediterranean coast. At about 2000 years B.C., Egyptians cherished flax culture thus linen fabric denominated to Woven Wind. A high thread count pure linen sheets set will provide the most comfort. Linen sheets are also a popular type of sheet for comfort. There are many benefits of linen sheets, including warmth in the winter months and coolness in the summer months.

Utilize multiple sheets on the bed. One big difference between the setup of a hotel bed and a home bed is the amount of sheets that are used. Approximately 40% of Americans do not sleep with a top sheet, just the fitted sheet and duvet cover. Part of the comfort of a hotel bed is the different layers of linen sheets. In fact, many hotel beds may have multiple sizes and thicknesses of sheets, rather than a blanket or duvet cover. The duvet cover can be a great cover option to prevent overheating during sleep, and also makes a great decoration on the bed.

Purchase your linen sheets from a hotel seller. Many residential shoppers may not realize that it is possible to purchase their bedding sets from a hotel supplier. They may not realize how to buy sheet sets that are the same quality as a preferred hotel. The easiest way to achieve this is by purchasing them from the same place that the hotels do.

Many people tend to get a better night of sleep in a hotel. Considering that hotels are in business for comfort, they tend to be better at making a comfortable bed. However, people can copy many of their comfort trends, incorporating them into their own bedrooms. This can provide you with a quality night of sleep, similar to what you get when staying in your favorite hotel.

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