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The Resurgence Of The Old West Why Cowboys And Rodeos Still Have America Hooked

The old West has seen something of a revival as of late.

The remake of True Grit dazzling audiences the country over, the recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 making waves in the gaming industry…even in the distinctly modern day there’s a deep fascination with our immediate early history and how it all got us here. This can be reflected in the media we consume and the clothes we wear. If you’re shopping around for holiday gifts and thinking of stepping off the beaten path, look no further than a rodeo shop. Stocked with Western style graphic tees and all sorts of unique accessories, you’ll have the cream of the crop when it comes to getting down with the Old West.

Here are some fun gift ideas that’ll have your family and friends embracing the dusty trail and hot sun.

Interesting Facts About Today’s Fashion Trends

Fashion is ever dynamic. It’s always changing on a whim, bringing in one trend only to dash it away next month and invite in the next big thing. Western fashion has held strong for decades, manifesting as the old-fashioned felt cowboy hat as well as modern Western style graphic tees. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated American households spend at least 3% of their monthly budget on apparel alone. When it comes to worldwide trends, it’s been found over one billion pairs of denim jeans are sold internationally every single year.

Rodeos And Cowboy Culture Throughout The Country

Whether you were raised on a farm or have been a city slicker for years, it’s undeniable the appeal of rodeo and cowboy culture. Silver Spurs Rodeo has gone at length to talk about the history and growth of the rodeo, stating that most of the organizations formed today were established in the first part of the 20th century. Interestingly enough, found hundreds of men listed their occupation as ‘cowboy’ on their 1880 U.S. Census. You can grab a slice of that history yourself when you look into rodeo equipment or Western caps for women.

Traditional Country Fashion And Its Rising Popularity

There’s more than enough to go around! Consider throwing together an ensemble or buying a novelty accessory to give your next holiday gift some life. Western pattern boxers paired with Western style graphic tees can make a great lazy day package, while rodeo ladies jeans and Western style sunglasses can add some posh style to a traditional look. Statistic Brain released a report stating women own an average of seven pairs of jeans in their closets. For those in your life owning animals, this next part of the list might interest you…

Function And Fashion With Equine Care Products

Know anyone that owns horses or wants to in the near future? You’ll be good to go with some equine care products. These can include thermal blankets to stave off the chill and decorations for the stall for when visitors drop by. Horses have been beloved animals in the country for centuries, right up there with cats and dogs, and you’ll no doubt put a smile on someone’s face when you put them first. Rodeo Western wear may be too old-fashioned for some, but for others it’s here to stay.

Throwing Together A Western Gift Basket

It’s time to think about what kind of gift you can offer someone special. Do you want to bundle up Western style graphic tees as a stocking stuffer or try Western coasters instead? Are you interested in a full package or do you just need something to top off a gift you’ve already bought? IBIS World has reported dress shoes and casual footwear to comprise the largest product segment for online stores as of late. A pair of sturdy leather boots or Western style ankle boots could be the best idea you’ve had yet.

From the beautiful materials to the nostalgic feel…there’s something about the Old West that just won’t let us go.

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