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Target Center Hosting Event to Honor Musician Prince

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Statistics show that from Spring 2007-2008, nearly 7 million people in the United States attended RandB, rap, and hip hop concerts. One notable musician during the previously mentioned time period was Jay Z, who beat Elvis’s record of having the most number one albums by a single artist. Jay Z and many other artists can credit at least a small portion of their success to revolutionary musician Prince. Recently, it was announced through the latest entertainment sources that a tribute concert to this legendary musician is set to take place in his hometown in April 2018.

The Legend of Prince Rogers Nelson

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As he grew up, Nelson learned multiple musical instruments and began to start his music career. By the age of 17, Nelson would sign his first record deal where he would soon be known around the world as simply Prince. Since his first album, Prince would go on to become a major success in the world of both music and celeb news. Throughout the 80s, 90s, and 00s, Prince became one of the most legendary artists of all time. His musical contributions were a varied mixture of pop, hip hop, RandB, and many other genres.

Tragically, Prince’s career was short as the result of his tragic death on April 21st, 2016. Many of the latest entertainment sources during this time had begun to notice that Prince’s health could be taking a turn for the worse. Prince was notable for being a very private celebrity, making the news of his death that much more shocking. This legendary musician passed away as the result of an accidental fentanyl overdose at only 57 years old.

Prince Live on the Big Screen

In April 2018, a concert called Prince: Live on the Big Screen is planned to take place at Minnesota’s Target Center. Current plans for this concert are noting that Prince will appear on a video screen, seemingly playing alongside members of his legendary band. Many of the latest entertainment sources have been speculating about the technology that will be utilized for this concert. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t appear that holograms will be used during this concert. The music industry has used holograms in the past, most notably when a Tupac Shakur hologram appeared during the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

What is Currently Known About This Event

What makes this concert even more interesting is that it appears previously unreleased music will be played during this show. Throughout his career, Prince was a songwriter who contributed large volumes of musical compositions. Prince was notable for having his own vault that is reported to contain a massive amount of unreleased material. This concert is also noteworthy due to the fact that other famous musicians are scheduled to appear at this show. However, current reports have not released any of these musicians by name. There is currently a lot of celebrity gossip taking place in regards to who will be performing at this concert. Throughout his career, Prince worked with many musicians including Beyonce, Sheila E, and Chaka Khan.

In closing, a recent entertainment news announcement was made concerning an upcoming concert dedicated the memory of legendary musician Prince. This concert will be known as Prince: Live on the Big Screen and will take place in Minneapolis, the birthplace of Prince. It’s currently planned that this concert will feature Prince playing songs on a screen while his band and other musicians perform in person. Prince: Live on the Big Screen is scheduled to take place on April 21st, 2018. You’ll want to follow the latest entertainment news in order to find out exactly who will be appearing at what appears to be a legendary music event.

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