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Looking for a Few Ideas for Your Next Getaway With Friends? Take Up Fly Tying and Fishing!

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Do you enjoy taking trips with friends? A recent survey showed that 75% of the participants stated they took trips with their friends. There’s a good chance that one of your favorite activities to do with friends is to go camping. Were you aware that this outdoor recreational activity is considered to be one of the most popular in the United States? Given this, you may not be surprised to hear that Americans spend about $1.8 billion on camping equipment every year.

How often do you and your friends go camping? In 2012, for example, the average camper went on about five camping trips. While there are a variety of camping destinations, many people enjoy staying at public campgrounds. This was the case for 67% of the participants in the 2012 survey. In addition to having areas to set up tents, many of these locations have recreational vehicle hook-ups. There are other amenities at public campgrounds, of course, such as picnic tables, outdoor grills, and organized activities.

Some people go camping to just enjoy the outdoors, while others do so because there are so many different types of activities. The types of available activities will depend on where the public campground is located. There may, for example, be hiking trails along with opportunities to go rock climbing. Fishing and hunting may also be available at many of the country’s public campgrounds.

Both spin fishing and fly fishing are also popular activities with many groups of friends. Just imagine sitting on the dock fly tying before taking a boat out on the water. Even though fly tying can take some practice to master, it can also be a relaxing activity. Just one of the reasons why so many people take up fly tying and fishing is because it is known to assist with relieving stress.

Another enjoyable activity to do with friends at a public campground is archery. This outdoor sport is also good exercise and leads to proper muscle development. Almost all of the muscle groups, which includes the shoulders, chest, and back, are used when firing a bow and arrow. Archery also builds stamina and coordination. Even though it may take some practice to hit that bull’s eye, friends can enjoy a bit of healthy competition while they practice.

When you go camping with friends, you may choose a location where you can go paddle boarding, scuba diving, or engage in another aquatic activity such as swimming. Since there are so many fun, relaxing, and exhilarating activities to do while camping, there’s a good chance you’re planning to go camping with your friends again soon.

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