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There is Always a Good Answer to the Question of How to Donate to Charity

When determining how to donate to charity, there is most often the assumption to go with the donation of money. However, many charities also request clothing and household items for those in need. So, one of the best answers on how to donate to charity is to empty out that closet that still holds so many clothes that are no longer worn or don’t fit anymore.

How to Donate to Charity

You may clean all throughout the year, but the closet isn’t cleaned out all the time. Consider how many unused pairs of shoes sit in your closet or even the kids’ clothes that they grew out of years ago. All of that could be donated to a charity that helps the poor and homeless. Charitable donations are always a nice option, especially when you have a bunch of clothes or other household items worth sharing. You may need to empty out the closets or get ready to move to a new house. There may be plenty of things that you don’t need to take with you because they don’t fit or they are just not needed anymore. No matter what, donating these items to those in need can be much better, and more environmentally friendly, than simply throwing them away.

Clothing Donations

The closet cleanout may be one of the easiest ways to donate clothes to a charity. There is no reason to question how to donate to charity, or even wonder if you are able to afford it. There is a benefit to scheduling regular flushes of those closets where excess clothes may sit. From there you have much more room needed for other items as well, and you may feel a little more organized. Seasonal charity clothing donations are definitely one way to keep those closets organized, and another way to keep a regular answer of how to donate to charity.

Charity Donation Pick Up

Charity donation pick up is available all across the United States, with about 70% of the population offering to those in need. Most of these charities work for the benefit of veterans and the homeless, providing free and affordable options for clothing and other items. Many charities come right to your front door to pick up clothing and other donations, providing benefits for both those who donate and those in need.

When to Donate Clothes

Americans tend to purchase one new item of clothing per week, making it rather expensive over time. This is most often during growth in youth, needing new clothes so often that they rarely wear them out completely. So the question of when to donate clothes usually gets a firm “not now” before even really asking yourself if it should be done. However, taking just a little time during seasonal cleaning to small charity clothing donations would provide more room for all those clothes that you buy the kids when needed.

Charities that Collect Donations

There is much to see in donations made to nonprofits and charities. So many different charities are available to pick up clothing, or to accept clothing drop offs, for those in need. While this is something only in addition to the financial donations that all charities accept, it is definitely helpful to these charities and to those in need as well. While 4.7 billion tons of clothing are donated to these charities annually, we also throw away about 10 million tons. With all of these charities available, there could be so much more clothing saved every year by organizations such as:

  • The American Red Cross
  • Purple Heart Foundation
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Goodwill
  • United Way
  • St. Vincent De Paul

Many charities and non-profits will make scheduled pickups if you simply leave the filled bag or box on your front porch. Additionally, most charities have a local office or store where you can drop off your donations. Some of these are even large bins that are located in parking lots of major retail stores. Then, there is the ability to donate online or by phone if you wish to donate money either once or on a regular basis. This option is definitely available with almost any charity or non-profit in existence today.

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