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The Ins And Outs of Wedding Planning All Throughout The United States

Planning a wedding is certainly far from an easy, simple task and often requires at least a year worth of time in which to plan it. This is because there are many components that must be taken into account when planning a wedding, from the wedding venue to the food that is served to the guests attending, be it a brunch wedding or the typical afternoon wedding. And though the wedding day often culminates as a beautiful celebration of the love of two people, the bride and the groom, it is often difficult to get there. From defining your budget to setting a firm guest list, planning a wedding can be filled with more than your realize. In fact, more than half of all women say that the process of planning a wedding was more difficult than they had anticipated, and many regularly spend more than ten hours a week on planning a wedding and all the details that this entails, with more than sixty percent of all brides to be feeling the pressure to have a picture perfect big day.

An important part of planning a wedding is picking the right spaces for a wedding and reception, in which the reception venue might even be at a separate location than the venue of the actual wedding ceremony. There are a wide range of popular wedding venues, from the low budget backyard wedding to the wedding reception held in a banquet space. In fact, the top wedding venues in the United States are currently banquet halls as well as country clubs and hotels. But while these venues have remained very popular all throughout the country, they are not the only wedding venues available. In fact, many more unique venues, such as farms, orchards, and even beaches, have become popular among around forty percent of all soon to be married couples looking for a unique wedding venue that sets them apart from the forty thousand or so other weddings that will take place over the course of the very same year. In any case, you must take into account a number of key factors when choosing a space to host your wedding. Large event spaces like the banquet hall first rose to popularity because of their ability to hold large numbers of guests. If you are having a larger wedding, you must take in account the total number of people that will be attending and therefore plan accordingly, making sure that the venue that you ultimately pick will be able to easily and comfortably accommodate all of your guests, even if not all RSVP that they will be attending.

You must also decide the atmosphere of your wedding when you are in the process of wedding planning. An important part of this is the music that will be played both during the ceremony as well as the reception, which most likely will feature a good deal of celebrating through dance. If you are not having a live band, it is often recommended that the couple puts together a playlist to last for the entirety of the reception. If your party is going to be about three hours long, for instance, you will need about fifty two songs in total for your playlist, though this will vary depending on the length of the songs as well as the planned length of the reception itself.

Aside from this, you must also choose the food that will be served at some point in your wedding. Cocktail hours are still popular for the vast majority of weddings, though the main meal will vary. Some people are now having brunch meals, at which traditional breakfast and brunch foods will be served. For the traditional wedding that takes place during the evening hours, a sit down dinner is common. More and more, however, couples are choosing buffet style meals, with guests selecting their own portions. This is often the more cost effective route to take, and can be as delicious and filling as any traditional sit down style meal at any given wedding.

Wedding planning is tough, but it is well-worth it in the end.

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