How to Design Your Very Own Custom T Shirt

Custom university t shirts

It’s no secret that America is a nation of t shirt lovers, so much so that 95% of Americans wear t shirts on a regular basis. In fact, nearly 70% of men and 54% of women own at least 10 t shirts. However, t shirts are more than just a fashion statement, their hold meaning to their wearers. So much so that 9 out of every 10 Americans own at least one t shirt that they refuse to throw away regardless of its condition due to its sentimental value.

As such, it’s no wonder why businesses both large and small are capitalizing off this trend that’s here to stay. Whether you run a business or are promoting an important cause, custom designed tee shirts are an excellent way to build brand recognition. In addition to utilizing social media and online marketing strategies, many companies use custom print tees to get their brand noticed.

You don’t have to be Michael Kors — who is notorious for wearing a “uniform” of a simple, classic cut black tee with dark wash denim jeans no matter the occasion — or a Project Runway contestant to design quality printed t shirts. Thanks to technology, creating digital print tee shirts designs is easier than ever before (there’s even an app for that, literally).

T shirt printing services, realizing the increased demand and popularity of custom t shirts, have designing t shirts as easy as uploading a picture of your Starbucks concoction to Instagram, literally. Custom tee shirt websites make bringing your creative vision to life fast, easy, and convenient.

Before using custom tee shirt websites, it’s a good idea brainstorm and draft your idea on good ol’ paper and pencil. You don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci, however, fleshing out your design can expedite the production process before using custom tee shirt websites. Keep in mind that some of the best designs are inherently simple. For example the Pepsi and McDonald’s logos are balance simple forms with basic color schemes, yet they are recognized across the globe.

Also, keep in mind that your design will be mobile, meaning it won’t be confided to two dimensions. What looks good on paper may not translate well to wearable fabric. As such, it’s best to start with a basic form and expand from there. Create a color scheme, and incorporate this into your fleshed out design.

Many custom tee shirt websites often have templates to work off for those who may be feeling a bit stuck. More research here.

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