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How Overhead Garage Storage Racks Can Transform Your Space

Adding more storage to your garage is always a good idea, but some people have no clue how to do it themselves. The Youtube video “How to Install An Overhead Garage Storage Rack – Ceiling Mount Shelf” has the perfect tutorial so you can install more shelving space without headaches. Let’s find out more!

In the video, they purchased the Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks, which have to be set up on the ceiling, meaning that they don’t need to be near a wall at all. You have to locate where the beams are in your garage, which is not too hard, as it’s best to mount them using them as support.

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The model in the video is a four-by-eight rack, and you need to unpack all the parts first and check things out. Take a look at the manual if you think it’ll help, but this video should also guide you through the process. You have to begin assembling all the supports, but the corners ones are usually set up a bit differently than those in the center.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about overhead garage storage racks.


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