CharmsVille Beard balm for black men,Black man beard care products Express Your Own Sense of Styles with African American Beard Products

Express Your Own Sense of Styles with African American Beard Products

Curly beard care

Do you wear a beard or mustache? Both, perhaps? About 33% of men in the United States sport some type of facial hair. When you’re able to grow a healthy beard and mustache, chances are that you like the way you look and have your own unique sense of style.

Full Beards and New York City Style

A recent survey was conducted in New York City with over 1,000 men. Over half, or 67%, of the participants said they wore either a beard or mustache. Since 1 out of every 3 men stated that they preferred to wear a full-beard, it appears that this is the most popular style in New York City.

It’s not surprising that 53% of the participants claimed to feel more attractive with a beard. Confidence also plays a role in this, and 41% of the participants shared that having a beard boosted their’s.

African American Beard Care

On average, men’s beards will grow about 5.5 inches a year. Since they usually grow slower in the winter than the summer, the warmer months might be the best time to begin growing a beard. This is because they can usually grow as much as 50% to 60% faster in the summer.

In order to keep beards healthy and well-maintained, experts recommend using a conditioner once or twice a week. Along with regular face washing, using black beard products will keep facial hair looking good.

The Men’s Toiletry Industry

A 2015 Euromonitor report showed that men’s toiletry sales were on the rise. The sale of personal care products and services such as beard balms, oils, shampoos, and conditioners rose by 4% with a revenue of $3.4 billion.

Target Market News reported that African Americans alone spent $7.4 billion in 2009. This includes purchasing personal care services and products.

The Best Beard Products for Black Men

When you use quality products, they will help you maintain that gorgeous beard. If you’re looking for the best beard products for black men, have you asked your stylist for their recommendations? Chances are that they will know all about the best African American beard products, such as African American beard oil and beard balm. Check out this website for more.


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