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The Average Woman Will Change Their Hair 100 Times In Their Lifetime When To Go For A New Look

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Our hair (or lack thereof) says a lot about who we are as a person. It tells people about our personality and aesthetic tastes right off the bat. It tells a potential employer how much we care about the position we’re applying for. It can even suggest to a prospective partner whether or not the date was worth the effort. Yes, hair is a particular standout of our everyday society and that hasn’t changed for many, many years. When you’re feeling drab or wanting to start over fresh, hair salons are able to transform your look in a matter of minutes or hours.

Everyone wants to look good. As you can imagine, this has noticeably impacted hair salons and hair stylists in the United States. It’s estimated there are over 660,000 hair stylists currently working in the United States, with some having unique specialties — some focus on curly and kinky hair styles, others have an emphasis on unique colors and highlights. It’s estimated women will have 104 different hairstyles throughout their lifetime.

Women generally spend more per year on their hair than men, but that doesn’t mean men don’t like visiting their favorite hair salons for a trim or a dye. Nearly one-third of women will either change styles or dye their hair following a break-up or a divorce, with another 20% doing so to conceal their gray hairs. According to the American Academy Of Dermatology, over 40% of women are showing signs of female pattern hair loss — this is due to genetics, hormonal changes and poor nutrition.

African-American women, in particular, are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to hair products, touch-ups and styles. Although six out of 10 black consumers will wear weave or extensions, the natural hair movement is starting to gain major traction over the years as a viable option of embracing curly and kinky textures. More hair salons than ever before are starting to offer better products and styles for women who want to go natural.

For some getting a new hairstyle or dye can be an intimidating plunge. What if you don’t like the result? How can you properly maintain it over the weeks with your busy schedule and the changing weather patterns? Your hair and makeup artists are more than up to the task and can walk you through every detail of the process. The hair salon industry is better than it’s ever been and has literally thousands of different hair salons, stylists and specialists for you to choose from.

For those that want some highlights, you can even go the extra mile and learn how to touch-up at home. For those that want a full dye, however, there are specialty shampoos and conditioners for you to use to maintain your color as long as possible. Many will visit the same hair salon on a regular basis to get similar results time and time again, with some places even offering discounts for repeat customers.

Change your hair and you can change how you approach the little details of everyday life. Find yourself a hair salon that cares about your look and reap the benefits of a new set of extensions or a beautiful ombre dye.

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