CharmsVille Emf blocker,How to block microwave radiation,Laptop radiation shield Do You Experience Unexplained Headaches and Other Pains After Extended EMF Exposure?

Do You Experience Unexplained Headaches and Other Pains After Extended EMF Exposure?

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Afte years of accepting every technology that was offered to them, many Americans are beginning to evaluate the costs and the benefits of some of these advancements. And while it is impossible to avoid some of the technological advancements that have entered our lives, many people are taking precautions when it comes to how they use that technology. From cell phone radiation protection to WiFi radiation safety guidelines, some concerned citizens are serving as watchdogs for the rest of the nation.
Even though a technology like cell phones is a common device, the technology is still new enough that some scientists predict that we do not yet understand all of the implications that the increased exposure to radiation may be having on our bodies. For instance, there is little indication that today’s cell phone users are aware of the possible risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF). With the number of cell phone users increasing from 2 billion in the year 2006 to 6 billion global users in the year 2012, the expansion has happened so quickly that view studies have been conducted.
At the very least, however, some scientists are encouraging parents to protect children from EMFs whenever possible. And while a small percentage of people have gotten in the habit of keeping most smart phone models at least an inch away from their face to limit radiation exposure, many scientists believe that this effort toward protection may not be enough.
Did you know, for instance, that wireless phones emit radiation 24 hours a day even when those phones are not in use. Although the small cell phone is emitting radiation, an even greater concern to many people are the increasing number of cell towers that are being installed. For example, the increased number of cell towers in communities in the last 20 to 25 years is staggering. When those towers are placed on pre-school, church day-care, and school campuses, this means that young children can have as much as 1,000 times higher RF exposures in home and school environments than what would have been present 20 to 25 years ago.
Not surprisingly, protective products like cell phone radiation protection shields and EMF shielding products are increasing in popularity.

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