Three Tips for Buying Luxury Italian Leather Sofas

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Are you shopping for luxury Italian leather sofas? A nice set of luxury Italian leather sofas can simultaneously give an entire room a classy and comforting ambiance. If you are shopping for luxury Italian leather sofas, check out our guide to finding the right ones for your space:

  1. Consider Price and Longevity

    Some people worry about the price of leather upholstery, and opt for less expensive cloth sofas instead. However, while high end furniture does tend to cost more than their cloth counterparts, they also last a lot longer. Leather is at least four times stronger than cloth, and fine Italian leather furniture will last easily three times longer than a cloth sofa. On top of that, as a cloth sofa gets old, it gets dingy and worn-out looking. On the other hand, leather furniture maintains its regal appearance even when it is old.

    If price is an issue, you might be able to save a little money on your leather sofa by choosing a less expensive type of leather. The price of your leather furniture is dependent on how soft the leather is.

    Aniline leather is dyed in a drum, so the dye soaks into the fibers of the leather and gives it a beautiful, rich color. Since the dye is not just on the surface of the leather, it does not need a protective coat, making it the softest (and most expensive). A more economical option is pigmented leather, which is colored by applying the dye to the surface only. The color is not as rich, nor is the leather as soft, but this option is more affordable. If you want a mid-range option, you might find semi-aniline is the best of both worlds.

  2. Visualize the space your sofa will be in.

    You’ll love the leather sofa you choose most of all if you choose it with the place it will sit in mind, rather than just finding a leather sofa you like, and then trying to find a space that if fits in. The best way to do this is to consider the traffic the room it will go in gets, and the temperature of the space:

    1. Traffic. If you have four kids, and a few creatures with four paws in your home, your main living areas will likely get a lot of traffic. If you put a leather sofa in a space like this, it is going to endure a lot of wear and tear. You might opt for a semi-aniline or pigmented leather, which hold up better to spills and footprints, and can be wiped down. Aniline leather is best for areas that don’t involve children, animals, or food.

    2. Temperature. There is a misnomer that leather is cold, and therefore uncomfortable. In fact, when you sit on your leather couch, it acclimates to your body temperature within 15 seconds. So choosing a leather couch for a room that is air conditioned and cooler is a good option.

      On the other hand, rooms that have a lot of direct sunlight and no air conditioning might warm the leather and make them less comfortable to relax in.

  3. Understand the maintenance needed to upkeep your furniture.
    Good quality leather furniture will last for years and decades with proper upkeep. If your leather sofa is semi-aniline or pigmented, you’ll want to use a leather-safe cleaner and conditioning treatment approximately once a quarter. If you invest in aniline goods, you might need to invest more time in maintaining it, since it does not have a protective coating. You’ll want to ask the manufacturer for proper care instructions in advance.

    On this subject, avoid purchasing leather goods that are partially made of vinyl. Vinyl goods have entirely different maintenance needs, and will never hold up as long as genuine leather anyways. You basically cut the lifespan of your furniture down to the longevity of the vinyl when you do this.

Luxury Italian leather sofas create a bold statement in any room that you put them in. The upfront cost pays itself off by lasting three times longer than less expensive furniture material. When choosing your luxury Italian leather sofas, you should consider the price you can pay, the room it is going into, and the level of maintenance it requires to find the best one.

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