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Charm Up a New Home with These Gift Ideas

It is always bittersweet when a close friend, a family member, or a loved one moves away to another city, far out of reach. However, when friends and family move closer to connect and share in new memories, these can be some of the greatest joys we can experience. Regardless of whether our friends and family are moving away or coming closer to you, one thing unifies every move: ensuring the next house or apartment feels like a home. If you are stuck on trying to find great gift ideas for the home to add that certain charm to a new residency and welcoming an individual or family to a warm and friendly place, then here are some ideas to think about:

Aesthetic Storage Containers

What better way to welcome a new home than provide aesthetic storage containers to help organize the new space. Friends who are in need of great gift ideas for the home will certainly hit a home run with special items for all sorts of storage, from clothes and books all the way to Friday’s frozen pizzas. These special items are great buys:

Weaved Baskets: Weaved baskets are perfect for storage in a fashionable style. They make excellent gifts as table centerpieces, room storage spaces, or even on a smaller scale for makeup, hair accessories, or bathroom highlights. Any color that fits the new homeowner or apartment renter will work great with their style and finish the look under their drawers or on their countertops, but think about buying a basket in dark or light brown, tan, white, olive green, or even wire basket shelving.

Snazzy Food Storage: Storing food can be a bore, but with good food storage and cute storage containers, even a refrigerator can feel a bit homier.

Bookshelves: Does the new house have quite a few books but nowhere to store them? Do you or your loved ones and friends love the aesthetic of a home library? Even if those are lacking, small plants or small accessories would fit well on a bookshelf. Bookshelves are just some great gift ideas for the home, and make perfect additions to any room.

Folding Storage Bins: Does the new family or renter need storage for tight spaces such as closets, under the bed, and drawers? Folding storage bins work wonders to store clothes, keepsakes, and other items. They are perfect gifts for a new home.

Interior Design

There are many great gift ideas for the home that work in the interior for decor and celebration. Interior gifts are a perfect way to show your appreciation and love for your friends and family, as well as your care for the way their home feels and looks.

These great gift ideas that will make the interior feel just like the home of your loved one’s dreams:

Plant hangers: It is highly fashionable in today’s couture to include interior greenery. Not only do indoor plants serve as lush decor, but they also provide fresh air inside the house or apartment. Plant hangers can also be used for flowers or displaying bouquets. In fact, research shows that those who send flowers above all other gifts are viewed as highly successful and empathetic people. Flowers and plants also create a significantly delicious welcome home smell, as well as the feeling of appreciation. Caring for your loved ones by sending plant and flower hangers are not only great gift ideas for the home, but mutually reflect on your own charm, character, and personable qualities!

Modern Door Ware: Going for the big gifts? Try new door ware — and there are many types to choose from! Try a barn style door or a frameless glass door for an elaborate kitchen or bathroom gift to the new homeowners or apartment dwellers! Doors add that extra bit of sensation to a home and create a space that is wonderfully inviting if done right. By gifting or financing a door in a new home space, you are helping create the wonderful spaciousness that will add to the way your friends would love their house to feel — just like a warm and inviting home! In case you need to look up different types of doors that will spruce up home decor, see here for various door patterns, sizes, and shapes! Glass, wood, or any other material — door ware is certainly one of many great gift ideas for your friends and family’s new home.

Antique Gifts

Have you ever passed an antique furniture store and found just a small knickknack that reminded you of your friends or family? How much greater would it be to add that special item to their home? Antique gifts are a sweet and unique way to spice up a home and add just a little bit of extra personal flair as a home gift idea to welcome a new family or individual. Look over these great gift ideas for the home that may come from just around the corner:

Unique Rugs: Rugs are great gifts for a moving family or individual not only because they keep surfaces clean and serve as protection for both carpet and hardwood floors, but because they also add a bit of chic to any room! More than chic, an antique rug creates a rustic or classical feel to a room, whether it be a bedroom, the entryway, a living room, basement, or even a small rug in the bathroom. There are many types of rugs to be acquainted with, and it’s important to know the distinctions between different varieties, so make sure to know about these eight types of rugs before you buy! Check your local antique store for any antique rug restoration before you buy any type of rug so that your rug will come home in pristine condition.

Distinctive Clocks: Clocks are a great way to add character to a new home and are great gift ideas for the home when the newbies arrive! Clocks such as cuckoo clocks that sing for more enthusiastic homeowners or apartment renters would put a smile on their face when they receive such a gift. Grandfather clocks are enormous but add depth and a colonial or victorian feel to a home. Mirror clocks serve two purposes, both as a mirror and as a working clock, and these are great for entryways when guests arrive and leave! A clock is a great way to show your loved ones you care about their home, and antiques only add to the uniqueness of a new living space.

Specialty Items: Many antique stores have discounts, great deals, or sales on specialty and unique items that may otherwise be expensive elsewhere for unique gifts. Silver, polished Chinaware, mirrors, and other specialty gifts can be found for great prices. Bits of jewelry and decor may go well as a personal item to a family or friend who is moving into a new home. About 38 million Americans will buy jewelry or watches during a whole year, and many of those items can be used as welcoming gifts! Whether antique or new, a specialty item will surely turn a smile on anyone’s face while entering their new home.

Lawn and Outdoor Care

For homes or apartments with patios, small gardens, or nearby lawns, lawn care and outdoor items are of the utmost importance and there are many ways to find great gift ideas for the home while keeping into consideration the new owners’ welcoming greens and foliage! Think on these great gift ideas for lawns and the outdoors that would welcome any new homeowner and their family:

Lawn Lights and Decor: There are many ways to spruce up a home’s outdoors, especially if the new home has lush foliage. Yet even with a small apartment patio or just a few windows, lawn lights and decor will go a long way to improve the new home feel! Think about solar panel lights that may help save money and side on the cost-efficient ways to improve a new home, and your loved ones will appreciate your care for them! Decor like deck chairs or a small deck table, a flag stand, a beautiful potted rose bush or flower pot, stepping stones or a DIY stone with your own children commemorating the shared bond between families and individuals are great ideas to welcome the newcomers! It’s important to know the measurements of the area you are decorating, however. Make sure or the newcomer have proper measurement tools to scan the landscaping, the doorways, and the windows so your gifts can fit just right!

Mini Plant and Flower Starter Pots: In today’s gift world, mini plant and flower starter pots are all the hype! Especially if you are growing small succulents like a cactus, or even flowers like sunflowers or roses. These make the cutest gifts for any new family, and not only are many of these pots attractively packaged, but the family will get to grow with the plant you give! There is certainly nothing more special than giving a sweet little plant a new home and watching it grow as the family grows along with it. Not only are these great gift ideas for the home, but depending on the flower or plant starter, they can be grown either outdoors or indoors! Those with a traditional home will love them just as much as those with an apartment living space.

Sporting Equipment Care

Do your friends or family lean toward the sporty side? Do they love to venture outdoors? If so then sporting equipment care maybe some of the best gifts to send for the new family or individual as they move! Gifts like bike racks for dirt bikes or street bikes can be decorated for an attractive looking backyard scene that displays your loved ones sporty affinities. Cleaning equipment or storage also works well to show your care about your loved one’s hobbies! Here are a few types of sporting equipment care gifts you can send your loved one to welcome them:

Bike racks and care: For those who are the outdoorsy adventurous type, they may need extra care and storage for their outdoor items, particularly their bikes! There are many great options when it comes to bike racks and care for bikes and other related items. Elaborate bike racks or space-saving racks will behoove every type of family who loves to travel and embrace the true outdoors. Even DIY bike racks maybe a hand-crafted item that will last well in a new home. See here for many bike rack options that would brighten up a new homeowners’ day!

Tools and storage: Many outdoor and adventurous families and individuals are always in need of storage for their adventure items, especially if they are moving into a new space. Not only do they need storage, but outdoor items could be subject to heavy wear and tear, so proper outdoor tools are always essential items. If you know your loved ones are the outdoorsy, adventurous type, then be sure to keep in mind their travels and adventures when thinking about their new home space!

While looking for great gift ideas for the home may also be stressful for those who are supporting the moves of new family and friends, there are many ways to relieve the stress of such pressure, especially if your friend or family member is very close to you. Keep in mind that mental health is important, and while there are some ways to help relieve stress such as walking, visiting friends, fulfilling your medical needs and ensuring dispensary certification, do not forget to take care of your mental health by talking through your situations with your most trusted family and friends! Reaching out and communicating your needs and searches with those closest to you will not only help alleviate the issues of the personal pressure in finding the perfect gift, but those conversations may help you find great gift ideas for the home with their help!

There is never a better time to find the perfect addition to a new home, and to welcome loved ones with the sight, sound, and feel of love and friendship. Today is the day you can find your perfect home gift!

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