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Different Types of Handcrafted Soap Explained

If you are looking to switch to natural, handcrafted soap, then this video is for you. In this video, you will learn about some different types of soap. There are four main ones that are each made a little bit differently and serve different purposes. However, all of them are handmade and all-natural, meaning machines don’t touch them and their ingredients are environmentally and skin safe.

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The four types of soap are melt & pour, cold process, hot process, and liquid soap. They each use ingredients a little bit differently. While one might focus on using a base, another might mix everything together at once and specifically need to include an oil. Colors and fragrances are what make all soap unique and personalized. Some types of soap are also easier to make than others. Melt & pour is the most straightforward while hot process requires a lot of time because it needs to cure. Any of these types could become your next favorite soap, but remember to stick with all-natural ones.


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