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Closet Organization 101

In the video, “17 Clever Closet Organization Ideas from AMAZON!” by Shea Whitney, Whitney offers ideas to organize and display items in your custom closet. The tips you can find in this video include using a collapsible laundry basket, which is easy to store when not in use; using a vertical or horizontal shoe rack that fits into small spaces; and using a one-piece stacking shoe organizer. This can double the number of shoes in many spaces around your home.

Additional organizational tips you can use include matching velvet hangers for a more organized look.

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Thin, sturdy, and clothes do not slip off of these hangers. Use a layered pants hanger that handles five pairs of pants. Use multi-pegged chamois hangers to save space while making it easy to see each item. You can also use a hanger with a chain that allows hangers to hang onto each link. Try collapsible hooks that are usable in many rooms, a stackable jewelry organizer in different configurations that you can use as a drawer organizer or alone, or collapsible organizers for drawers with four configurations.

You can also use a shirt and pants folding tool; a shelf riser allows shirts to be stacked, including an expanding riser option; sunglass organizers with in-drawer and vertical display options; necklace busts for display or to help choose items to layer; a purse stand displays bags while hanging rather than sitting on a shelf; an evening bag/clutch organizer; and puck lights or horizontal strips, including a remote to turn off and on.

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