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The Ultimate Outdoor Checklist for House Maintenance

As a homeowner, you may feel like there is so much to do around the house to keep it in the best possible condition. It is true; there is a lot to maintain, especially if you have a large house. If you keep a checklist for house maintenance, it is easier to keep track of all the current maintenance around your home. You may have to do some amount of maintenance weekly. If you work from a checklist, it helps keep you organized and focused. Consider all of these items when creating your checklist for house maintenance.

Lawn Care

One of the most essential items on your checklist for house maintenance is lawn care. One of the first things that people see when they visit or drive by your house is your lawn and landscape. What many homeowners do not realize is that lawn care starts with preparation, planning, and regular maintenance. This all helps your grass and landscaping look their best.

If you are able, you should select grass that thrives in your area. This indicates if you need warm-season or cool-season grass. Many maps show which grasses work best in every area across the country. This also helps you determine the best time to plant grass seed and use fertilizer on your lawn. Do not forget about weeds and weed prevention. Weeds are a grass killer, and it is critical that you remain in control of them. The grass is not the only area of concern when it comes to lawn maintenance. You want to make sure that your landscaping is neat and healthy. You can keep your landscaping simple as long as it is neat and clean. You want to pay attention when there is mulch for sale because it is a critical component of a healthy yard.

What to Add

When you own a home, maintaining it is critical, but it enhances with upgrades and remodels. One of the best ways to upgrade your home is to add a fence, deck, or patio. When you are considering a checklist for house maintenance, you should also add the items you want to upgrade to your home. You may have the skills to build a deck and install a fence on your own. If you do not, you want to search for reputable deck and patio companies for estimates to determine your options and cost. You should have an understanding of what you want and your budget before contacting a professional. You should also consider contacting a fence builder if you do not think you can do it yourself.

Installing these items is the first step in the maintenance of your house. A fence, patio, and deck need regular maintenance along with the rest of your home. It would be best if you inspected your fence on a regular basis and after storms or extreme weather. You want to ensure that the posts are straight and level. If there is any damage to any portion of your fence, you want to replace them. This is also the time to clean up debris in and around your fence. Debris can include leaves, branches, and other items.

It would be best if you also inspect your deck or patio regularly. You want to make sure your fence is clean, dry, and free of debris. When you are cleaning this area, you want to examine it to make sure all of the board, stones, etc., are stable. They should not move around, have exposed nails or screws, or have holes in them. You want to replace any boards that look rusty, old, or worn. This helps to ensure that your deck and patio are safe and remain in top condition.

The Front of the Home

When you think about the front of your house, you may overlook one of the most critical aspects of your home: your driveway. This is one of the most used spaces associated with your home. Therefore, when you create a checklist for house maintenance, you should add your driveway to that list. Some of the maintenance you can do yourself, but you may need to contact an asphalt paving company for the rest of it.

Concrete driveways must be sealed on an annual basis, and asphalt ones should be sealed every couple of years. Sealing the driveway helps stop cracking, freezing, and water from getting in. Be sure to remove any trees that are close to the driveway or have their roots trimmed. If there are any cracks in your driveway, now is the time to fill or patch them. A level and smooth driveway reduce the risk of tripping and falling. In order to reduce the amount of water on the driveway, create a strip around the edge to allow for water and snow runoff. This helps to reduce the chance of water penetrating through the surface. Your gutter downspouts should drain into the yard and not onto your driveway.

You want to make sure that your driveway is clean. If there are substances like oil or fluid on it, you should clean them quickly. It has more negative consequences than just looking bad. It can soften asphalt and penetrate up to a quarter-inch of concrete. These stains begin to break it down and cause holes and weakened areas.

Repair Your Foundation

One of the top items that should be on your checklist for house maintenance is your foundation. The foundation of your house is a critical component. You want to inspect your foundation at least once a year. It is common to see a small crack in the foundation. Over time, your house is going to settle and cause cracks. It is essential that you know which ones are problematic. This helps you determine what type of foundation repairs your house may need.

Vertical cracks are the most common type of foundational cracks. They are not a significant concern. These are the cracks that are caused by the natural settlement that occurs with your home. Even if you have a new home, you may begin to see these types of cracks in a few years. Horizontal cracks are a more significant concern. You tend to see these in brick foundations and cement blocks. These cracks are a result of water pressure and unbalanced soil. These things can be a good amount of strain on the foundation. These cracks go from wall to wall. You may find these cracks happen after a heavy rain season. They also indicate that you may have an ineffective drainage system for your home. Diagonal cracks indicate that there has been an uneven settlement in your home. These types of cracks must be carefully monitored. These cracks often mean that one portion of your home has settled faster than others. It can also mean that there have been extreme changes in the condition of the soil around and under your home due to drought or extreme rain. These cracks tend to be found in houses that are built on a hill.

Roof Inspection

Most homeowners know how essential their roof is for their homes. Not only does a roof protect everything inside your house, but it keeps its temperature controlled. For these reasons and many more, you should ensure that a regular roof inspection is part of your checklist for house maintenance. You can do a roof inspection on your own or contact a professional roofer if you are not comfortable getting on the roof.

When performing an inspection of your roof, there are some common problems to which you want to pay attention. These include the flashing on your roof and looking for rust or cracked caulk. You want to check out the shingles to ensure there are no shingles that are curling, blistering, or buckling. You also want to be on the lookout for broken or missing shingles. When inspecting the roof, you want to check the vent pipes to see if there are any worn-out or cracked rubber boots. When looking at the roof, you want to look for moss and lichen. These items could be signs that there is decay underneath the shingles. If you see stains from black algae, that is cosmetic and not a sign of decay.

While your chimney is not technically part of the roof when you are inspecting it, you should check on the chimney cap to make sure it is not missing or damaged.

Have Your AC Inspected

If you have ever been caught in a heatwave with a broken air conditioner, you know how critical air conditioning is to the comfort of your home. The same is true for your heating in the winter. Therefore, you want to ensure that the checklist for house maintenance includes regular inspection of your HVAC system. Some of the HVAC inspections you can do yourself include changing filters. However, if you are not a skilled HVAC technician, you may want to have a professional company inspect and assess your HVAC system annually.

Some of the items to pay attention to during an inspection should include checking and replacing the filter. Some HVAC filters can be cleaned, while others must be replaced. At this time, the fuses, wiring, and electrical connections should be inspected, tightened, and replaced as needed. The entire unit should be checked for damage or leaks. The ductwork and thermostat should be checked to ensure they are working and there is no loss of energy or function. Finally, you want to check the outside unit to make sure there is no dirt, leaves, or other items stuck in the unit. These regular inspections can catch potential problems before they become a more significant issue. It can help to keep your unit in good working order and help it last longer and be more efficient.

Curb Appeal

All homeowners want their houses to look nice and be welcoming. One of the regular items to include on your checklist for house maintenance is the exterior of your home. While you may look at the front of your house every day, you may miss areas that need repair. Therefore, you should spend some time at least once a year checking on the exterior of your home. In addition to some of the other maintenance items discussed above, you want to look at your windows, siding, and paint.

You want to ensure that your windows are in good working order. First, check to make sure there are no broken windows or window frames. If you can feel drafts coming into your home, it may be time for a window replacement. In addition to improving the way your house looks, replacing the windows can make it more energy-efficient and save you money on energy bills. Next, while walking around your house, take a look at the paint. If you see areas of cracking, chipping, or damage to the paint, you may want to consider contacting a house painter to update the paint. Finally, it could be that the exterior of your home is dirty and needs a good cleaning. Power washing is a quick way to clean your house; you must know what you are doing before you take on this process. If you are inexperienced, you run the risk of causing damage to your home.

When thinking about creating a checklist for house maintenance, you must consider all of the key areas of your home. You also want to make sure you are paying attention to areas that may not get a lot of attention on a regular basis. This includes areas such as your garage door. You may not think about it and just expect your garage door to open when you push the button. Regular home maintenance can help you avoid larger issues in the long run.

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