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Skincare Specialist Reacts to Skincare Trends

There are a lot of skincare trends going on at any given moment. But it can be hard to tell which ones can be beneficial or not. This video includes a skin specialist reacting to recent skincare trends.

Here are some recent skincare trends of 2022.

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First one is using mushrooms as an ingredient in their skincare. The benefits of selected mushroom types in skincare have been studied, documented, and implemented for a while, but we’ve only really seen their prevalent use in skincare grow over the last few years. The next trend is baukchiol instead of retinol.
The best retinol creams can have all sorts of positive benefits, but they are ultra-potent and can irritate the skin, leaving it feeling sensitive. Step in one of the top ingredient-led skincare trends 2022 has to offer, Baukchiol, which has shown similar results without irritation. Lastly, this trend is topical probiotics. Of all the skincare trends 2022 is set to bring us, this is probably the friendliest for every skin type. Also known as good bacteria, probiotics could be the secret to keeping your skin balanced and clear. Similar to the way that probiotics keep your gut happy, in skincare they’re known to restore calm and balance, and help healthy skin cells flourish.

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