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11 Charming Small House Addition Ideas

When you want to engage in bathroom renovations, there are a lot of ways that you can go about it. Many people want their bathroom to look more modern with trendy countertops and tile. Others want their bathroom to be made bigger. You can generally do both of these with a company that will do a bathroom design build. The first step is to get bathroom ideas and designs from magazines and/or online. There are many magazines and sites that have photos of well-designed bathrooms. This can help you to figure out which bathroom features you want for your own bathroom.

The bathroom design cost is different for every person. It often depends on how large the bathroom is and how much of it you want to be changed. If you want the room made bigger, you can expect a higher cost that goes with that kind of construction. It also depends on the cost of the materials that you want to use. Higher-end materials come with an extra cost, and this is especially true if you have a large bathroom that will require a lot of materials. The more you want to change, the higher the price will be.

Many may not realize it, but obtaining small additions to your home can go a long way. When searching online for an architectural design for home renovations, you can see before and after pictures of homes with and without small additions. The results many times are breathtaking, and adding a small addition can significantly increase your home equity.

You may also be surprised how obtaining an amazing design for home renovations may be more affordable than you think. So, search hard online and view the average cost to add extension to house, and the average cost to build an addition per square foot. The average cost to build up on a house, the average cost to put an addition on a house, etc. can be more affordable than you may think.

So, once you perform your due diligence in checking the average cost to add extension to house and more, you should talk with family and friends to obtain honest advice. Other than that, the following ideas are available fo small additions to your home.

Little things can make a great big difference, especially when taking on some home improvements and small house addition ideas. It’s an everything goes trend that we’re experiencing right now, and it’s the perfect opportunity to let your inner designer out to play. There are no right or wrong ways when adding charming small house additions to your home. Simply think about what you want to accomplish with your space, discuss it with the members of your family, and start the renovation.

The project can be as small as adding a fresh coat of paint on some exposed shelves, replacing some worn-out furniture, or adding on a whole new addition to your home. We’ve collected some small house addition ideas that are quick, easy, and very effective. You’ll fall in love with your home all over again with little touches that make your house a home.

A Cozy Breakfast Nook In Your Kitchen

Breakfast nooks are one of those great small house addition ideas, especially if you live in an older home that needs some updates. They make the perfect intimate spot for enjoying a cup of coffee and having conversations with loved ones. They are also perfect for doubling as convenient, private home office spaces. If you work as an auto technician, think about how cozy of a spot your breakfast nook would be to talk to customers and explain newer repair techniques, such as paintless dent removal for hail damage repair. When duty calls, you can utilize your nook.

You can also add some privacy to the space by sectioning off part of the kitchen, perhaps an are that had little use. Accompanied by some multifunctional furniture, add some much-needed storage and a few personal touches to create a cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen. Go a step further and add separate electrical outlets and lighting so the breakfast nook is totally independent of the kitchen.

A Deck to Extend Your Living Space

Decks extend your living space, and like patios, they can make your home appear larger. You can contact a contractor to help you build one that is at ground level. Get creative with the color of the wood for your brand-new deck addition. It can look similar to your home with the same colors and design or totally take on a different look and style so it appears like you are walking out into a different structure.

Either build a roof or pergola to cover the deck so you can enjoy in all types of weather or select outdoor furniture with umbrellas to protect you from the bright sunlight. Look in home improvement magazines and visit home improvement stores to find ideas that will inspire you to get creative with decking out your outdoor space with a brand new, beautiful deck. One additional tip is to extend your outdoor space even further by creating flower gardens, stone walkways, outdoor lighting, and landscaping to complete the entire space.

Adorned Open Shelves In Your Kitchen

The industrial look continues to gain in popularity for homeowners throughout the country looking for small house addition ideas. It is a trend that is embraced for its awesome look and impressive style. Interior designers are embracing this eclectic design that features adorned open shelves in your kitchen. This is a fabulous idea to take advantage of underutilized space, forgotten walls, in addition to the pantry.

Open shelves not only showcase your pots, pans, and dishes, but they also create a functional, easily accessible spot for office and data center supplies if you choose to add shelves in a less-used area in your kitchen. Go for a monochromatic, neutral paint color that will blend well with appliances, artwork, and other furniture. Add touches of color or accent lighting to brighten the space. Don’t be shy when it comes to displaying your personality and style. You should love the look of your kitchen and enjoy it each and every day, especially when you’re cooking a meal or enjoying a snack in your breakfast nook.

A Big, Engaging Painting In Your Living Room

Artwork collections are investments that last a lifetime and then some for small house addition ideas. They can be passed down through the generations and given as treasured gifts. A big, engaging painting in your living room can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space. Artwork and paintings will add character and personality as well as color and style. The key is to select artwork that you love in a larger size and display it in a gorgeous frame that covers the entire living room wall.

You may need some help to hang it properly depending on the size and weight. Keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase an expensive original to accomplish this look. Framing multiple works of art together in one frame creates a story and your very own original. It can be something you created, your children created, or meaningful mementos you’ve collected throughout the years. Simply remember that a big, engaging painting in your living room adds a beautiful, personal stylish dimension to your home.

A Roaring Fireplace In Your Family Room

Create a warm ambiance and romantic glow by building a roaring fireplace in your family room. Adding a fireplace to any room in your home is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, so this is one of those small house addition ideas that’ll help you out in the long run.

You can purchase a faux fireplace or have one built into an existing wall of your home. Some faux fireplaces are so real-looking it’s difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. You’ll most likely put it in your living room or den, so you may consider adding residential lifts so elderly parents can enjoy the fireplace if you decide to add it to your basement. Also, be sure to visit one of the Amish furniture stores in your surrounding area for some antique pieces of furniture to add to your renovated living room or den.

Roaring fireplaces even provide additional heating for your family room that will assist during the colder winter months or times when the furnace isn’t on but there is a chill in the air.

A Walk-In Closet Upgrade

Are you running out of space for your wardrobe? Are clothes all over your bedroom in storage tubs and boxes? Do you sometimes forget what you have and where it is? Where and how can you store all your beloved clothing, shoes, and must-have fashions? If your closet is too small and you want to expand for more space, consider a walk-in closet as a small house addition.

Add built-in shelves, multiple drawers, spots for your shoes, and other organizational areas that will make your life easier. Walk-in closets are a growing trend and homeowners are using them for much more than storing clothing. They are becoming an extension to master bathrooms where both men and women spend time getting ready for the day ahead or relaxing for the evening. There are many companies that will customize your walk-in closet so it fits your needs and your lifestyle perfectly.

A Handmade Picnic Table For Your Backyard

Picnic tables and backyard gatherings go hand-in-hand, so keep that in mind when you read through these small house addition ideas. This particular idea involves adding a handmade picnic table to your backyard. It can be used for entertaining, and it also creates a welcoming touch as an extension to your living space. This is why it would look as good as your interior design.

Whether you’re one of your city’s dental practice brokers or the owner of a family-owned plumbing business, consider adding some unique touches to your own home. A handmade picnic table for your backyard will be enjoyed by you and your family during the summertime. If you want to make one yourself, combine some new products with recycled ones to create a strong, comfortable table that individuals of all ages can enjoy. Handmade picnic tables are also weatherproof and can stay outside throughout the year. If you would like a handmade picnic table for your backyard that meets the size, specifications, and design, you can work with a professional craftsman as well.

A Corkboard For Your Kitchen

Cork is extremely versatile and a substance that is reusable for many things. Most of us recognize corks that seal a bottle of wine, but there are so many other uses for them. On the simple end of these small house addition ideas, considering adding a corkboard to your kitchen.

The creation of a corkboard for your kitchen can be very useful. If you work in the business world, adding important notes and reminders to the board would be a great idea. Perhaps you need to remember to look into helicopter replacement parts for your company. Personal notes can be added, too. Maybe you need to add a note to contact your roofing company by the end of the week to ask about a roof inspection because you suspect leakage. A corkboard can really come in handy, especially if it’s in your kitchen for everyone in your family to see every day.

An Entertainment Center For Your Den

Entertaining at home is a trend that continues to grow among American households, so consider this when looking through these small house addition ideas. More and more people are updating their living space to accommodate more family and friends. If your family and network of friends and colleagues are growing, consider adding an entertainment center to your den.

There are many ways to accomplish creating the perfect entertainment center for your lifestyle. This is where a group of people can gather and enjoy movies, games, conversations, and other everyday celebrations. An entertainment center for your den comes in all different options. Furniture stores have a variety of ideas in their showrooms to help you design one that works for your home. You may consider looking in thrift stores, too.

There are a few things you may need to make your den complete. You may want a flat-screen television with internet and a voice hosting service for streaming shows, extreme gaming, and other online activities. Consider your furniture options, too. From moveable sectionals that offer different seating arrangements to entertainment centers that even include fireplace inserts, the sky is the limit to create a room perfect for you and your family’s lifestyle.

A Kid-Friendly Camper For Your Backyard

Spending quality time with our families is harder and harder. Busy lifestyles take us in all different directions, and time together is limited and precious. This is where using every inch of space inside and outside of your home comes into play. Play is the keyword here. Family fun is so much better when you are able to travel together and play together wherever and whenever you like. Of these small house addition ideas, this idea truly encompasses family time. Consider adding a kid-friendly camper to your backyard.

Some campers are enjoying staycations, which means staying right at home with your kids instead of traveling anywhere. Build an area on your property where you can simply walk out the back door, set up camp, and enjoy the great outdoors with your family. It might only be for an hour cooking marshmallows on a fire, or it could be for a random Saturday night. You may consider purchasing a refrigerated trailer rental. Perhaps you want to teach your kids how to tow safely in the case of an emergency down the road when you do go camping somewhere other than your own backyard. While you’re at it, teach your kids other important camping basics as well.

Exposed Brick Walls For Your Bedroom

You might need a professional contractor to assist with this charming idea. Trending and always in style is exposed brick. A wall or walls with this heartwarming look will instantly elevate your bedroom. There is something sleek and stylish about exposed brick that other walls lack. Maybe because the brick creates a canvas like no other to showcase artwork. Maybe it’s because the warm dark relaxing colors suit any bedroom design. Maybe it’s the classic forever style, but if you are looking for an upscale, on-trend way to refresh your bedroom, consider adding exposed brick to your bedroom to create your very own oasis.

Consider these small house addition ideas to add charm and comfort to your home. With the help of other family members and professionals, you can certainly tackle any of these ideas.

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