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15 Luxurious Master Bathroom Ideas to Try

The master bathroom is the ultimate space for any homeowner because they can retreat there without disturbance from anyone. Since its introduction, the master bathroom has held a special place in the interior design realm, which still holds to date. There is no limit to luxurious master bathroom ideas, from carpet and tile to glass paneling and wall accents. Your primary bathroom is yours alone and perhaps a spouse; if you have one, meaning no holds barred when it comes to what you can do with it. Whether you want the utmost relaxation or something that speaks personality and opulence, there are numerous luxurious master bathroom ideas you can incorporate, and in this review, we’ll look at some of them in detail.

Combined Styles

Luxurious master bathroom ideas don’t always have to be devoid of texture. As a matter of fact, there is a new trend whereby minimalist master bathrooms have a rustic feel to them. To get this look, everything needs to be kept simple when designing your primary bathroom construction or remodel. Make sure the materials used are mainly metal, stone, and wood, and accessorize with statement plants and woven accessories.

Contrasting Colors

While light colors have been the atypical pick for master bathrooms, you can also have luxurious master bathroom ideas with a bit of contrast, color and personality. You can bring such ideas to life in various ways, mainly based on your taste and preferences.

Dark floors might not be your thing, but you can add contrast by splitting the floor using a couple of dark accents. You could use a couple of dark tiles here and there or place them in the middle of your bathroom. The same technique can be used in your shower walls, whereby it’s light but with dark accents all over or in the middle of the central wall.

Of course, you can maintain one color on your floor and achieve contrasting colors in other ways, such as dark-colored cabinets for your vanity as well as mirrors with dark accents. This will give your master some really nice contrasting colors. If you want more contrast, consider adding some accentuating towels. They offer a lot when it comes to tying down your design, and although they are cheap, they can class up any bathroom.

Double Sink Vanity

Double sink vanities are luxurious master bathroom ideas common in high-end hotel suites and are a worthy addition to any shared bathroom. A plumber can incorporate dark faucets to complement the marble tile and wood accents in your master bathroom. A double sink vanity comprises cabinets that you can use to store products you usually place on the countertop. A decluttered countertop adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Keep in mind that just because you have space, you should have a double sink vanity installed. You need to look at the layout of your bathroom to see if two sinks will make it crowded. Otherwise, you’ll have a double sink vanity, but movement in and out of your main bathroom will be less convenient, which you don’t want considering the price of a remodel. Note if you’re using a well pump system in your home, it’s best to get a water softener because hard water can cause rusting in faucets and stain your sinks.

Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinets are usually installed wall-to-wall and help accentuate the floor pattern. Unlike traditional cabinets that are attached to the floor, floating cabinets help open up your primary bathroom, making it feel grander.

Free Standing Tub

A freestanding tub is perhaps the epitome of luxurious master bathroom ideas. These luxury pieces usually sit in the middle of your bathroom by themselves, which means they don’t need supporting walls on any side. They look beautiful and will capture the attention of anyone who sets foot in your bathroom. More importantly, they are good for soaking after a long day.

There are numerous freestanding tub ideas, and you can either pick one to fit your aesthetic or design one specifically for your primary bathroom. Contemporary designs can make your space look like a million bucks if the design is modern, while classic designs with claw feet and traditional faucets give your space a country or traditional vibe.

There are a couple of things to consider about freestanding tubs. They are very heavy, so carrying them is out of the question. Usually, they need to be craned into your bathroom. Secondly, since they hold a lot of water, you might need to call a hydro jetting service to dredge your drainage and ensure it won’t block; this can spell a disaster in your home. Finally, due to their weight, you might need to reinforce the surface they’re placed on.

Glass Shower Cabin

Choosing a shower cabin can either make or break your primary bathroom aesthetic. One of the top luxurious master bathroom ideas for shower cabins is glass. A glass shower cabin improves your bathroom design in a couple of ways. For instance, it can make your bathroom feel much brighter, especially if your primary bathroom has some dark areas, because it allows light to pass through. Also, it can make you feel as if the entire bathroom hasn’t been sectioned because you can see virtually everything in your space while taking a shower.

Keep in mind there are a couple of options when it comes to glass shower cabins. For instance, you have framed, frameless, and semi-framed. When it comes to the door, the space can be left open, or you can have a sliding or swinging door. The room for creativity is limitless, so you can speak with home improvement services to see how to implement your ideas.

Heated Towel Rail

A heated towel rail is one of the luxurious master bathroom ideas to consider if you’re going all out because not only do your towels stay warm, they also hang tastefully. Rather than going for the typical chrome or white finish towel warmers, you can transform your bathroom with a brass or gold finish towel warmer. Alternatively, you can pick a different design other than the conventional ones; for instance, you can pick the towel rails that look like a set of towels.

Lighting and Plants

One of the reasons people go for spa retreats is to develop a sense of relaxation and immerse themselves in a sensory experience. Apart from the physical touches of a masseuse and the soothing music, lighting and plants make spas worthwhile. You can use mood lighting and indoor plants in your primary bathroom to make it feel like a spa.

You can place lights next to vanity mirrors or buy vanity mirrors with lighting to create a tranquil environment. Look for lighting fixtures with dimmable settings or buy smart bulbs so that allow you to set the mood in your master bathroom. For plants, you can buy artificial ones for the looks or buy real plants and strategically place them in your main bathroom. Remember to water them regularly; otherwise, they’ll wither and die.

Marble Tile Surfaces

No material has more use in luxurious master bathrooms than marble tile. Marble tile can be used as tile flooring to create stunning walkways. Marble tile can also be used on sink vanities to create a smooth reflective surface that’s easy to clean. If you have the cash to splurge, marble tile can also be added to your walls making your primary bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. Unlike ceramic tile or stone, marble is delicate upon touch (comfortable and inviting), so it can be used in sinks, showers, and other commonly used surfaces.

Monochrome Scheme

If you’re unsure what to do with your primary bathroom to make it more luxurious, go for a monochrome scheme. You’ll most likely love it because it comprises neutral colors, black and white, but you have the option of playing around with the designs of the fixtures used.

For instance, you can get black honeycomb tiles, faucets, and towel rings. Then your vanity sinks and countertops can be white. For the flooring, you can play around with designs but make sure it comprises hints of both black and white. Ultimately, you should have a fashion-forward primary bathroom that exudes opulence and personality.

Printed Wallpaper

You might not think printed bathroom wallpaper is one of the best luxurious master bathroom ideas, but when done correctly, printed bathroom wallpapers have a lasting effect. You can cover the entire primary bathroom with printed wallpaper or a section of it, for instance, on the walls where your mirrors are mounted.

But ensure that your wallpapers are not installed in areas of high humidity or moisture, for instance, next to your bathtub, faucets, shower cabin, etc. They can be installed anywhere else in your master, and even in case of accidental splashes here and there, they won’t be ruined because most washroom wallpapers are vinyl-coated.

Underfloor Heating

No one likes the sensation of exiting their shower cabin or bathtub after a warm bath, only to step on cold floors. Thanks to underfloor heating, you don’t have to; you can have a primary bathroom that keeps your feet warm whenever. Underfloor heating is usually done during home construction, albeit it can be done during a remodel.

There are two kinds of underfloor heating, namely electricity and water. Water-based systems are commonly set up in new construction projects and comprise laying a series of pipes on the concrete. During your home water heater installation, you can have an allowance for heated floors or set up the floor water heater separately. It’s important to hire only professionals for water heater installation or any similar job.

If you want to do electric floor heating in a wet area such as a bathroom, the current shouldn’t exceed 150 watts, and the system should be at least 25 cm away from the drainage.

Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors are standard in any bathroom, and apart from adding light to the space and making it seem bigger, a mirror can enhance the luxury feel of a bathroom. This is especially evident when you place it in an area it reflects light or your freestanding bathtub.

You can also go for vanity mirrors, usually round in shape and can be mounted on the wall or placed on the countertops. They have two sides, one with a standard mirror and the other with a magnifier. As a result, you can see your face clearly when you look closely.

Wall Texturing

One of the best luxurious primary bathroom ideas for accessorizing is adding texture to walls. When you take your empty space and add some visuals, it brings the luxury feel you’re going for in your primary bathroom.

Perhaps the best way to add texture is by adding textured tiles to your bathroom walls. Another option is stacked stone which looks amazing and adds a rustic texture to your wall. You can also use shiplap boards on your main bathroom wall. Shiplap boards are mainly used for horizontal designs; floors, but they can also be used for vertical designs; walls.

Wood Accents

Virtually all rooms look good with wooden floors, and master bathrooms are no exception. This is one of the most polarizing luxurious master bathroom ideas because although it can give your bathroom a great look and feel, most people worry about the humidity and moisture. Fortunately, there are several options to protect wooden floor refinishing, including using bamboo, vinyl planks (coated), or tiles that resemble wooden planks.

Bamboo, for instance, not only looks great but is waterproof. Apart from that, you can seal a hardwood floor to prevent water damage. Wooden accents in master bathrooms are not meant for floors only; you can also use them in other areas such as exposed ceiling beams, albeit this should be done during construction, and wooden cabinets for your sink vanity.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, numerous luxurious master bathroom ideas are available right now. You can come up with various designs you want to incorporate and do them yourself. Also, you can hire an interior designer to design and remodel your primary bathroom.

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