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Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Combat Boots

For an edgy flair that makes even the most straight-laced outfit look a little dangerous, combat boots are the perfect shoe. With so many choices on the market, you may want to go cheap for your first pair of this type of boots. According to the video “5 Ways to Style COMBAT BOOTS | Men’s Boots | Parker York Smith,” you’ll want to purchase the best boots you can afford since they’ll probably never go out of style.

When you’re styling a look that involves combat boots, you’ll want to rely on dark colors and denim to complement the boots unless you have light-colored combat boots, or you like to contrast between darks and lights. Choosing a pair of boots that is simple will ensure that you won’t have to struggle to match them with patterns or other elements of other items.

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Styling these kinds of boots may also involve considering whether the pants you’re wearing are well-suited to fitting over the boots.

If you’ve worn these boots before, you may have made some mistakes in styling them. Some people like to stuff their pant cuffs into these boots, but that’s a fashion faux pas. Others may like to wear them unlaced, but that’s another fashion mistake that’s best to avoid unless you want to make a statement.


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