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What to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Join Edward Ferris, Managing Director of Burrells Jewellery andamp; Watches, as he explains the top 10 considerations when choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Before you visit jewelry stores to buy an engagement ring, you need to know what type of metal to choose as well as the diamond cut, price point, and guarantee, to name a few.

The first crucial thing to check is the style. It would be best for a woman with long fingers to go with a long stone such as an emerald-cut or a marquise shape. On the other hand, a princess cut solitaire, trilogy, or a round brilliant cut is more suitable for a woman with shorter fingers.

The next factor is the gemstone that will be the centerpiece of the engagement ring. Diamond rings are popular because a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring stone on the planet. But other people go for gemstones like ruby or sapphire – stones that are also very hard and suitable for everyday wear.

The shape and cut also need to be considered because a well-cut diamond will give off better dispersion and refraction of light than a poorly-cut one. Most jewelers sell various shapes, including princess cut, round brilliant, emerald cut, pear-shaped, marquise, and cushion shape.

Finish watching the video to learn about the other things you need to know before buying a diamond engagement ring.

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