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What Are the Most Common Depression Treatments?

Mental health is an incredibly important piece of taking care of your overall health. But if you’re living with depression, getting by can seem a little bit tougher than normal. If you’re looking for more information on depression and depression treatments, here’s what you need to know.

When someone is diagnosed with depression, many of the neural pathways that normally regulate moods in the body are dysregulated. This means that certain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin aren’t being produced or distributed throughout the body as they should be.

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When we say that depression is a mental illness, we’re referring to the very real physical differences between the brain of someone without depression and the brain of someone with depression.

In most cases, clinical treatment is the best option as a depression treatment. This means seeking out counseling from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Counseling is often paired with prescription antidepressant medication to help the brain and body regulate moods in a more normal way.


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