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The Success of Artists in the RandB/Rap/Hip-Hop Industry Over the Years

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Are you up-to-date on all the latest celeb gossip? With so much happening in the celebrity world every day, it can be hard to find the best ways to keep up with it all. Sometimes with all the day-to-day drama that happens in the world of entertainment news and celebrity gossip, you miss out on exciting information about different celebrities, their successes, and the industries they work for. That?s why it?s important to always do your own daily research to stay informed about what?s going on with celeb gossip whether you?re interested in Black celeb gossip or hollywood gossip.

Interested in learning more about what?s going on with entertainment news currently? Keep reading for more information about the RandB/rap/hip-hop industry and the celebrities who are celebrated for their successes.

The Success of the RandB/Rap/Hip-Hop Industry Over the Years

Over the past few decades, the RandB/rap/hip-hop industry has seen some monumental success. For instance, we?ve seen how much the annual spending power of the hip hop demographics have increased year after year. Annually, the annual spending power now reaches more than $500 billion.

We know that this music industry isn?t going anywhere soon due to the interest it receives from younger generations still. In 2008, nearly 7 million people bought tickets to and attended RandB/rap/hip-hop concerts across the country. In addition to that, in 2011, hip-hop beat a record on Facebook. It received the most likes out of any other musical genre for the college student population in the United States.

This goes to show that younger generations have a continued interest in the RandB/rap/hip-hop. They want to attend concerts, stay informed about what?s going through social media platforms, and follow celeb gossip related to the industry on those social media platforms, too.

Artists Paving the Way in the Industry

One reason the RandB/rap/hip-hop industry has continued to gain popularity with newer generations over the years is due to its impressive musicians that continue to produce music. These musicians range from Beyonce, to Jay-Z, to many others who have found success over the decades. As these musicians continues to produce music, more and more individuals are likely to continue showing their support for this industry.

Let?s take a look at Beyonce. She started out in a Destiny?s Child before breaking out on her own to make her music. Now, she is one of the most successful female musicians throughout the world. Experts believe her estimated worth is around $450 million right now. That will only continue to increase as she releases more new singles and albums that impress fans. She is bound to gain more support and success for years to come.

Like Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z has found much success in the RandB/rap/hip-hop industry. He has been making music for decades but his success in the industry doesn?t seem to waive. He is worth a little bit more than his wife, reaching nearly $650 million. When you combine their total net worth, that reaches nearly $1 billion. We can expect to see their total net worth soar over the years as long as they keep producing music and remain a celeb couple that people want all the celeb gossip on year after year.

Jay-Z has had so much success with his music that he actually beat a record Elvis set. When he released his album ?The Blueprint 3?, it was his 11 album to reach the number one spot on the Billboard 200. When it comes to solo artists, he?s the first to reach the record beating out Elvis when that album was released.

How do you keep up-to-date with all the celeb gossip and latest entertainment news that interests you? What other artists do you think have made an impact on the RandB/rap/hip-hop industry? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

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