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Just Imagine a Full Production Wedding Contact an Event Planner to Learn More About What’s Trending

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Event planners know that there is a long list of projects that need to be completed in order to create an exceptional wedding. From rehearsal dinners to catered weddings and receptions, event planners know what needs to be accomplished for full production weddings.

If you’re curious about current wedding trends, you may be interested in reading The Knot’s “Hot Wedding Trends for 2017.” There are quite a few fun, fanciful, and fantastic ideas in this report. Here are just a few of the ideas highlight by writer, Lauren Kay.

Unique invitations are trending, and Kay indicates that bolder is better. In addition to foil stamping and other intriguing ideas, she also encourages people to consider “shocking fuchsia with white ink.” The main take-away here is to create a twist on the traditional wedding invitation. This can definitely set the stage for what to expect at the wedding and reception.

Are you planning a destination wedding? Or, are you planning to stay close to home and have family and friends arriving from all around the globe? Either way, Kay reports that deconstructed welcome bags are trending. If this appeals to you, it can be a lot of fun to create space within a room or table with a variety of treats and drinks. Your family and friends can then choose what they like. You could also add other items to these gift bags, such as items that reflect the wedding celebration’s location.

Wedding registries have definitely changed over the years, too, and Kay points out that couples request more than the traditional china and cookware. In addition to museum memberships, mountain bikes, and private classes that they can enjoy together, couples are also registering with charities that reflect their personal values and causes.

Rather than the classic sit-down dinner, interactive meals are trending, according to Kay. Food trucks and food stations are both popular. In this way, you can have your favorite foods and beverages, including freshly-shucked oysters or wine and cheese pairings.

There are, of course, other wedding trends for 2017. When you meet with an event planner that specializes in weddings, just imagine all the ideas that will be exchanged. Since there’s so much that needs to be accomplished, an event planner will be able to assist you and your spouse-to-be with creating a memorable wedding.
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