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Help The Environment, Give Back To Your Community And Save Money Donating Clothes

Charitable clothing donations

Have you been asking, “Where can I donate clothes?” as of late? You’ve come to the right place. Donating clothes has been reaching a fever pitch over the past few years as environmental issues and social awareness becomes more widespread, making it one of the easiest ways to help people you can choose to do. Donating clothes to charity reduces unnecessary stress on landfills, gives back to your local community and keeps useful materials from being destroyed and wasted. You can even clean up your house or apartment in the meantime!

Bolster The Environment’s Health

Want to be more eco-friendly? It’s all in the little things you do. Recycling your newspaper instead of throwing it in the trash, placing your glass bottles outside your door to be picked up and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth are all small things with big consequences in the future. Even better? Asking, “Where can I donate clothes?”. Studies have shown a recovery rate for used clothing and textiles in 2011 reaching a stunning 15% in the United States — that number could be even higher if you were to participate! While the EPA estimates that 75% of solid waste is recyclable, only about 30% is actually reclaimed and reused. Clothes harbor a variety of useful materials, like latex and cotton, that can be repurposed and pushed back into the economy.

Clear Out Your Clutter

A personal but no less important issue — clearing out unnecessary and frustrating clutter in your home! When you ask, “Where can I donate clothes?” you are also asking how you can improve your overall quality of life. A crowded closet or overflowing laundry basket can compound unnecessary stress in your day-to-day proceedings, which isn’t welcome when you’ve already got kids to feet, work to accomplish and studies to finish. Studies have shown constant clutter and mess contributing to higher rates of depression and irritability in individuals, while a cleaner and more comfortable home is known to reduce anxiety and promote healthier sleeping habits. When you practice regular clothing donations, you practice general health and wellness.

Give Back To Your Community

Society is composed of the small and large actions of individuals. When you wonder, “Where can I donate clothes?” you are thinking about how you can give back to your community at large and help out what is essentially your extended family. When the average person generates four pounds of trash per day, it’s time to turn it into someone else’s treasure. One of the best things about thrift shops are their affordable prices and wide selection of gently used clothes. For families and students on a budget, that’s music to their ears! There’s no need to hoard a pair of pants or a baggy sweater that doesn’t fit you anymore — a single clothes donation can make someone’s day a week down the road.

Where Can I Donate Clothes?

Now for the main event — where do you donate clothes? Well, it’s actually a shorter answer to find where you can’t! Many places, such as non-profit organizations and local thrift shops regularly accept clothing donations to pad out their store. Some businesses even focus on the benefits of used clothes, like Purple Heart, and offer clothing pick-up services if you’re unable to visit during your busy week. The benefits of donating used clothes cannot possibly be understated and if you want to accomplish multiple things with one easy task, open up your closet and pull out those old jackets you no longer wear. You’ll find the benefits cropping up for both you and others almost overnight!

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