CharmsVille Onesie pajama,Womens footed pj,Womens footed sleepware The Most Popular Silly Halloween Costume for 2015 is Here

The Most Popular Silly Halloween Costume for 2015 is Here

Adult foot pajamas

Halloween can be a wonderful excuse to let your hair down and get silly. Unfortunately, those barely-there Halloween costumes can leave you feeling a bit chilly come October 31. So instead of shivering all night long this Halloween, consider the most versatile and fun alternative to the revealing Halloween costumes of yesterday. Say goodbye to those Sexy Police Officer and Sexy Cat costumes, and instead embrace the footed pajamas adults everywhere are going wild about.

Plus, some of the best pajama onesies for adults have that convenient flap on the bum, so you can still show off some skin if you really want to. And if you think footed pajamas can’t be “sexy,” then you just need to open your mind.

Lately, footed pajamas for men and women have been all over the media (and the globe). In Australia, a women’s college tried to break the official world record for largest gathering of people wearing footed onesies, which is just a fancy way of saying an awesome pajamas party. And in Chicago, the Cubs baseball team celebrated a recent no-hitter by posing for a giant team selfie dressed in their finest footed pajamas.

So with Halloween just a month away, it’s time to start planning your costume. And if you don’t want to be freezing cold all night, then footed pajamas offer a warm, snuggly alternative to the standards skin-baring costumes you’re used to. There are a variety of footed pajamas adults love, from the flannel onesies favored by Taylor Swift to the gaudy, tacky onesies favored by Miley Cyrus. You can also find animal onesies for adorable animal costumes, or decorate your own design to customize the pajamas into a costume of your own making.

Best of all, these fun pajamas are a time-tested hit on social media. So if you want to create your own Halloween costume that’s guaranteed to earn you plenty of likes and shares and re-snaps, or whatever the cool teens call it these days, then order a pair of adult footed pajamas in time for October 31. It’s the ultimate silly Halloween costume idea for 2015.

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