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Just Because Your Handbag Looks Like a Million Bucks Doesn’t Mean You Should Pay That Much For it!

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Currently, fashion handbags are amongst the most trendy women’s accessories. On average, American women own six handbags, some portion of which are fashion wholesale handbags. Between the years 2008 to 2013, the United States luggage and handbag industry increased annually by approximately 1.2%, and in 2011, the women’s purse and handbag industry was worth $35 million. So too are there about 517 manufacturing plants in the U.S. that focus solely on the production of handbags and purses; the industry employs about 77,605 American people.

There is a lot of research showing that about 22% of women would spend lavishly on fashion wholesale handbags, were they in a position to do so. Obviously, the cost of many high end fashion handbags is beyond what the average American woman can manage to pay. Typically, designer handbag styles cost $2500 to $3000 per bag, retail. Some people are willing to pay far more than the average cost, however; supposedly, the largest payout for a handbag on Ebay went for $24,500. The bag in question was a Hermes Birkin bag, a company that is all the rage right now.

One technique by which ladies handbag enthusiasts can procure fashion wholesale handbags at significant discounts is to hunt for wholesale purses and handbags. Genuine wholesale designer bags are as stylish and well constructed as those sold in designer boutiques; yet, as they are disseminated in bulk, wholesale handbags and purses can be purchased for a minor portion of the cost.

For ladies who are interested in buying fashion wholesale handbags, there are a number of outlets and online venues one can peruse. Many of these emporiums selling fashion wholesale handbags are well advertised, but some are well kept secrets that require a bit of digging. Whether you are interested in wholesale satchel handbags, hobo handbags, or braid-handles purses, there are definitely fashion wholesale handbags that will meet your needs!

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