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Why We All Need a Pajama Onesie for Adults In Our Closets

Onesie pajamas for adults

Sleep is a beautiful thing, but some of us are unable to get enough of it with work, family, and other distractions taking you away from sweet sleep. Recent surveys found that 74% of Americans reportedly wear pajamas to bed while 8% sleep naked; the rest wear “something else” which gets one’s imagination running. Pajamas come in a variety of styles for men and women designed for comfort, modesty, or play. Most importantly is how the pajamas help the wearer sleep restfully throughout the night. Here are some reasons why it may be time to update your night-time wardrobe.

More Pajamas, Please

Over half of Americans are unsatisfied with their sleepwear options, with 61% stating that they do not have enough options to chose from. Because of this, many people forsake hygiene in the name of having sleepwear — a man will often wear his pajamas for nearly two weeks in a row before washing them. Ladies on the other hand have been known to go for up to 17 days with the same set of pajamas. It is difficult for many people to find pajamas for adult needs without being overly provocative or generic. Thankfully, a smart, stylish, and comfortable option exists that can be custom-tailored to the individual’s specific need: feety pajamas.

A Pajama Onesie for Adults

To quote the words of a certain someone–wearing a pajama onesie feels like being a bear. More and more adults are choosing to feel like bears when they sleep with fleece footed pajamas for men and woman alike. Stay warm and comfortable from head to toe with a variety of thicknesses. A medium-sized pajama onesie for adults can fit someone up to 5’9″ and up to 180 pounds. Expect up to 7% overall shrinkage through wash and dry cycles before ordering your custom onesie pajamas.

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