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Materials for Eco Friendly Clothing

Clothing is a large industry with many different manufacturers all over the world. One of the major problems with the production of clothing is that it uses a lot of energy. The high energy usage has made it necessary to look towards eco friendly clothing. In this article, we are going to look at some of the materials that can be used for eco friendly clothing.

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Cotton is the first material that we are going to talk about. In organic cotton, there are no harmful chemicals that are used, making it a good material. One of the downsides of cotton production is water usage. Cotton production uses a lot of water which takes a lot of resources to grow.

Tencel is another material that you may see used in clothing. One of the benefits of tencel is that it gets fibers from wood. This wood comes from different forests. This can be eco-friendly because you can get tencel from forests that are managed responsibly.

Finally, the last material that we are going to talk about is linen. Linen is a fiber that comes from the flax plant. In the process of using linen, there are no chemicals that are used to extract the important fibers.


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