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Looking and Feeling the Best in Your Body

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Now more than ever, there’s much emphasis on presentation, whether it be personal or professional. Everyone, women especially, are expected to be everything to everyone- career-woman, mother, friend and girlfriend or wife. It can be extremely difficult and exhausting just keeping up with all those demands at once, especially when unsightly hairs begin to show. Some women don’t mind and that’s fine. They have to be who they want to be. But if you decide you want get rid of that hair, wherever it might be, you’ll need to consider a few options first. The following is a short list of common places where women (or even men) might grow unsightly hair and the options available to you if you do decide to get rid of it. It might seem a little overwhelming but just remember- if you take a step back, it’s only hair. You can handle it, so long as you know what you’re dealing with.

    On the Brow
    Extra eyebrow hair can be one of the embarrassing appearance problems. It can make you so insecure if you let it but you don’t have to let it control you. One option for dealing with a budding unibrow is plucking. This can be painful and slow but you can do it yourself and save on the money. You’ll just need a little patience. Another option is waxing. There are places that will do both as well, if you’d like to do two for one. The procedure is simple. A little bit of hot wax is applied and they pull the hair out by the root. It’s mildly painful but nothing unbearable, no matter how movies might make it look. Because the area on the body is small, this procedure doesn’t take long and is relatively inexpensive. Consider it if just want to get the hair removal over and move on with your life. You’ll be glad you did.
    Facial Hair
    Equally embarrassing is the unsightly mustache or chin-shadow that can develop around the lips. In a fair world, this would never happen or, more accurately, no one would mind. But, alas, that world is far away. The female mustache can be a difficult and embarrassing problem as shown by the old circus cliche of the bearded woman. Fortunately, the avenues open to you are much the same as that of the classic unibrow problem. Plucking, especially in that area, can be a little more painful but it’s certainly doable. Ditto with wax although depending on the amount of hair the procedure can be a little bit faster. If you’d like to avoid the ensuing mouth-pain, a little discreet shaving can fix the problem, albeit temporarily. No matter how you choose to deal with it just remember- it’s only hair. It doesn’t control your life. You control it.
    Brazilians- The Big One
    And now we come to the most well-known and infamous of all known procedures- the Brazilian. It can be tough to know where to begin with this one. It’s obviously an intensely personal choice and one that must be made alone. It might be tempting to involve your S.O or spouse but it’s your body, not theirs. You alone have to make the decision. If you decide you’d like to go all the way, there are several options open to you. One of the more expensive options is laser removal which can be done relatively quickly. It is permanent, however, so think it over carefully before you decide. The wax or pluck options are also available but, considering the wider area, can be more difficult. And they do hurt a moderate amount as well. The laser is less painful but again, more expensive. Some more creative people opt for a pattern or design which is perfectly fine if you decide that’s what you’d like. It can be a personal statement or an artistic choice. Just remember that it’s permanent. It isn’t hard to find places that will do any of these three places, either. Just find one that you trust. That’s what counts. Do that and everything else, comfort and safety, will follow.

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