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How To Protect Your Family From Electromagnetic Fields

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One thing is true: we love our gadgets. We use our cell phones, laptops, and small appliances on a constant basis without thinking twice. In fact, there’s very little indication that cell phone users (whose numbers have increased by 4 billion within the last six years) have any idea about the risks of this technology. In particular, few people like to think about the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields (or EMF).
In our society, electromagnetic protection is of the utmost importance, as we are bombarded with EMF dangers from almost every angle. We stare at computer screens all day long (putting us at risk for laptop radiation); our cell phones are an extension of our own bodies, and we forget that these emit radiation 24 hours a day, even when they aren’t in use. Our small appliances at home — like the microwaves we use every day — can also produce noticeable, negative effects. Therefore, we must take extra measures to implement EMF shielding into our daily lives.
Unfortunately, our children are the most affected by EMF: back in 2010, a study showed that even short-term EMF exposure in adolescents ages 8 to 17 was shown to cause headache, irritability, and difficulty concentrating in class. And because more and more children are exposed to EMF-producing technologies, it’s more important than ever to protect our children and learn how to block EMF. Whether it’s through a room shield, EMF protection jewelry, or EMF shielding fabric, protecting children from EMF is paramount.
As much as we’d like to shift the blame to a younger generation, parents are slaves to their gadgets, too. In 2012, a study showed that Wi-Fi level laptop exposure for a four-hour period resulted in decreased sperm viability, and some experts have found that pregnant mothers who used cell phones reported an increase in emotional issues, hyperactivity, and other issues. Many of us have been told to stand away from small appliances like microwaves, but most of us don’t know that keeping smartphones even an inch away from our faces may not be enough to protect us from EMF.
Although using technology in today’s world may be unavoidable, EMF safety doesn’t have to be. By equipping your household with electromagnetic protection services — such as customized EMF protection shields for specific medical conditions or EMF protection necklaces — you can help keep your family safe while letting them use the devices they’ve come to love.

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