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3 Things to Know About Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic sensitivity

Technology has become on of the world’s greatest accomplishments, but it also could be killing us. Many people in the modern world enjoy the luxury of their devices and gadgets every day without realize the potential peril their placing their person’s in. Radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have steadily gained more and more attention over recent years, but regulations and reform still have a long way to go.

EMF safety and EMF dangers are real concerns for many families. With the increase amount we’re exposed to on daily basis it’s not hard to figure out why. For years policymakers and researchers have been kicking this can down the road, which is why it’s even more crucial for people to look out for their own EMF safety.

Here are a couple things you need to know about electromagnetic fields and radiation.

  1. Growing Every Day: It only takes one look at society today to see where the world is moving. The presence of cell phones, laptops, and other devices continues to grow steadily. Laptop radiation protection is something anyone who regularly uses such a device should be worried about. Whether it’s for work, school, or play your laptop is sending off potentially harmful radiation every second. The same can be said for cell and cordless phone radiation. In addition to the individual devices, things like cell towers are becoming more and more prevalent to support these devices, permeating more radiation into our airwaves. If this doesn’t get you thinking about EMF safety who knows what will.
  2. Scientists Agree: Approximately 190 scientists from 40 countries called on the U.N. and the WHO for greater protection against non-ionizing radiation in May of 2015. EMF safety doesn’t just stop with laptops and cell phones. Things like microwave ovens can emit harmful rays into a person’s home environment.
  3. Won’t Know Effects Till it’s Too Late: Studies have shown that chronic EMF and radiation can cause harm in cells after less than two years. It usually takes a lot longer for actual conditions to show up in the human body though. By the time something does, it could be too late.

Protecting your body should be a primary concern for every human. Radiation and EMF safety is just the next step of human evolution in this capacity.

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