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3 Apparel Essentials To Help You Ace Your Interview

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Interviewing for a new job can be intimidating. In a high-pressure situation, it’s important to remember to be yourself. Personal style is a great way to express your individual personality and give a great first impression; in fact, non-verbal cues — like fashion — have over four times the impact than anything you might say during an interview. Whether you go dapper or casual for your meeting depends largely on the position and industry, but here are 3 apparel ideas that will always go over well in an interview:

  • An awesome button-down shirt
    It’s always better to be a little over-dressed for a job interview than take the chance of looking sloppy. When you want to find the middle ground between a t-shirt and a blazer, a woven button-down shirt can do the trick. Flannels and plaids can look effortlessly cool, but opting for an eye-catching pattern can add some visual interest. You don’t have to choose something too stuffy, either; short-sleeved silk shirts are a great option. Some guys prefer to pair a button-down with dress pants, but a great pair of jeans can work just as well.
  • A Supreme bookbag
    When you go to an interview, you’ll usually want to bring extra copies of your resume, a notebook, a bottle of water… whatever you need to get through the day. You’ll want to keep all those things organized and on your back — and obviously, in something that looks good. Supreme bags are fully functional without being bulky, and they’re appropriate for any situation. Choosing to carry a Supreme bookbag shows that you’re prepared and that you have good taste, too.
  • Comfortable kicks
    Some jobs might call for fancier footwear, but if you can, it’s better to wear shoes that will make you feel at ease and pain-free, while complementing your other duds. Unless you’re interviewing for a cushy corporate job, a pair of Vans or something from the Clarks x Supreme clothing brand collab will do nicely.

Ultimately, you want to look put-together, professional, and confident. Go with something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself and works for a variety of situations. After all, attractive people have a 72.3% chance for a callback after their initial interview. Up your odds when you buy Supreme Clothing and other amazing brands from the online apparel store! Find out more at this site.

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