CharmsVille Ladies nightgowns,Lightweight nightgown,White lace nightgown Enjoy Holiday Gift-giving With This Crisp Classic

Enjoy Holiday Gift-giving With This Crisp Classic

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and for many people, their thoughts turn to shopping and gift-giving. While the latest electronic gadgets may beckon from online sites and store shelves, more people are electing to give classic items instead.

Classic,monogrammed sleepwear such as white cotton pajamas and nighties are holiday favorites, both for their thoughtfulness and staying power long after the latest electronic gadget has worn our.

White Cotton Pajamas

These comfortable classics never go out of style, and can be worn by anyone from the tiniest newborn to older adults looking for cool, comfortable sleepwear. Monogramming adds a personalized touch.


A classic favorite, such as a white Victorian nightgown, will evoke images of the Nutcracker’s Clara with its timeless style and delicate details. Cotton is easy to launder and dry, and keeps the wearer cool in warmer weather. Nightgowns are a favorite of those who don’t care for pajamas.

Night Shirt

A white nightshirt is a favorite among both men and women during warmer weather. It’s loose fit suits most body types, and can be more comfortable than an nightgown and less constricting than pajamas.

This timeless classic is a warm weather favorite, and is easily enhanced with custom embroidery or monograms. Both girls and women will enjoy this warm weather classic, and can easily pair it with accessories such as sweaters when the weather dictates.

Enduring classics such as white cotton pajamas, nightgowns, night shirts and white cotton dresses make excellent gifts, and can become heirlooms with proper care. Quality sleepwear is especially important, as most people need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, with newborns requiring more.

Top off your classic gift with a custom monogram or embroidery to add a personal touch. Nothing is sweeter than a child’s first monogrammed holiday nightie they can treasure in the year to come. Adults will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a monogrammed nightgown, night shirt, or pajamas. White cotton sleepwear is available in a wide variety of styles, from modern to Victorian-style classics.

Add these classics to your holiday list for family and friends, and they will treasure them for years to come.

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