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Have You Ever Purchased Sea Glass Jewelry When You Were on Vacation?

The sea glass anklet collection is beautiful. More than its beauty, however, the collection of different types of sea glass anklets are also memorable. In fact, if you ask them your daughters can tell you where every piece came from. The two weeks that you spent in the Greek Islands are the most wonderful vacation that your family has ever been. There were many places that people told you to go to know where to find sea glass and the searches were a blast. Listening to the ocean in the background and feeling the warm Mediterranean sun on your back, you and the girls spend long afternoons walking along the shore.

Beach glass jewelry is a popular tourist purchase when people visit many ocean side cities. Over time, however, these special pieces have become more and more difficult to find. The main reason that these beautiful pieces are becoming more rare is that there are more plastics used now than glass bottles. This means that all of the sea glass that people are finding are likely quite old. First, they have to be old because, for instance, the blue that comes from milk of magnesia is now sold in a plastic bottle. In addition, the older pieces that are from the original glass bottles have been tossed about the ocean and onto the shore that many of them are so broken there are in pieces too little to even recognize.

Consider some of these additional facts and figures about the popularity of sea glass and the many ways that it is used and preserved:

  • Found once in about 10,000 pieces, orange is the least common type of sea glass.
  • The oldest known jewelry ever discovered were 10,000-year-old beads that were crafted from Nassarius shells.
  • Often serving as favorites for wedding jewelry, the subtle hues of blue, green, and aqua are found in every 50 to 100 pieces of sea glass.
  • Sea glass has existed since glass making was first introduced, which occurred sometime before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. It can be found all over the world.
  • With approximately 90 members today, the North American Sea Glass Association became a formal organization in the year 2007.

What is your favorite kind of jewelry that you have ever found while you are vacationing? If you are a fan of sea glass jewelry, it is important to know that you have to take time to find or purchase the pieces that you like the most.

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