CharmsVille Christmas beer koozies,Fleece blankets,Jack daniels long sleeve shirt Be thankful for the beer industry and its existence, your friends probably are

Be thankful for the beer industry and its existence, your friends probably are

Being able to drink at 21 was an exciting experience for many of us. Finally reaching that age where it was no longer off limits was a special coming of age moment that meant we were all on the way to growing up. With beers, wines and heavier alcohol there is something for everyone it seems. In fact, 72% of millennials consume some type of wine, beer, or other liquor. While drinking our favorite drinks is one thing, buying branded items with these products is another thing all together. Now, it is completely socially acceptable to throw on that Budweiser trucker hat or the Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt that’s been hanging up for years waiting to be worn. Official licensed brand gear is another big part of finally being of age and it opens up a whole new land of clothing that can be worn.

Officially licensed merchandise comes in all brands, shapes, and sizes. It all depends on what your favorite preferences are. Budweiser merchandise has dominated shelves for years. With everything from having a Budweiser cooler to a Budweiser trucker hat, Budweiser accessories have something for everyone and they have for years. Vintage Budweiser shirts even exist if you look through many vintage second hand stores. Looking for a gift for a relative who has over the years become a beer connoisseur? Look no further than vintage beer shirts to help them further reminisce about what their earlier years were like and when they were first able to take a sip from a bottle. Licensed Budweiser merchandise can be found in most places, easier than you’d expect too!

Another lead beer merchandiser as of late is Corona merchandise. Corona has been a competitor for Budweiser for years now. With everything from Corona tank tops to retro hats, Corona products have dominated shelves for years as of late. For your beer enthusiast who favorites Corona from all of the options out there, officially licensed Corona merchandise can be purchased at many stores and will make the best gift you could give for your loved one with a light beer preference.

From bathing suits to baseball caps, ugly sweaters to fleece blankets, no matter who your buying for or what their beer preference is there are plenty of gifts for everyone on your list and even for yourself. Get yourself some licensed gear and wear it proud, you turned 21 and you’re ready to share with the world what you like and what you don’t, considering that majority of Americans drink on all days and not just holidays (St. Patrick’s Day being the most consumed alcohol holiday) it is always acceptable to throw on your favorite Budweiser trucker hat and call your outfit complete. The next time you’re having a hard time finding that gift for your friend who has a favorite beer preference, look no further than shopping within their favorite brand. They’d love it.

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